The Chinese Are Finding Yet Another Use For Blockchain Tech

Another innovative use case for blockchain to come out of China--tracking parolees.

china blockchain

For a country that seemed bearish on blockchain technology, China is now emerging as the new innovation leader in the space. Almost daily, we hear reports of more use cases, inventions, and practical ways to put blockchain technology to use.

From a poverty management system to using blockchain to issue loans, there’s no shortage of creativity emerging from the world’s second-largest economy.

The latest news comes out of the city of Zhongshan in southern China, where the authorities are using a blockchain network to track convicts on parole.

According to the local department of justice, their blockchain-based system can monitor ex-prisoners far more effectively than with previous methods. Blockchain technology is making community correction easier and allowing parole officers to follow their movements more easily.

Blockchain to Track Human Movements

By deploying blockchain technology across different community service centers, officers can easily see when convicts on parole have checked in and completed their daily duties, from community service to reporting.

Not only does this make ex-prisoners easier to track in real time, but it provides up-to-date information on all of their movements 24/7. That doesn’t mean that their movements are visible for all the community to see, however. By using permissioned features, only the relevant officials can check in and receive the required information. That includes law enforcement agencies and correction staff.

The technology will allow the corresponding parties to take action faster if an ex-convict fails to check in or complete a duty. The Zhongshan justice department says that blockchain will significantly reduce the number of human hours needed to follow and track parolees.

Blockchain technology is finding many uses in China, and this is the latest one to be adopted by the legal system. Other cases that are being explored currently include using blockchain for fighting against tax evasion and for authorizing deposits.

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