The Change You Want to See: How the Get Set Play Uses Community Nodes for Essential Decentralisation

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Get Set Play, the GameFi protocol that acts a hub for streaming, esports, and the wider gaming metaverse, understands the power of community. They understand that the new systems being built in web3 are – or should be – entirely powered by the decentralised communities that make them what they are.

The value of Bitcoin is only what it is because there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of computers all over the world who secure and validate the network. No single point of failure, no censorship, no corruption. Just good, clean, sound money that’s respected, and validated, by everyone. This is Satoshi’s dream.

New projects sometimes fail to understand this. They fail to understand that web3 without community participation, validation, authentication and support, they are not much more than web2 entities in disguise.

How Get Set Play Puts Community Decentralisation First

Get Set Play makes no such mistake. The GameFi metaverse relies upon, and heavily rewards, its community members that play an active part in running a node that secures not only the network as a whole, but validates activities within it. Those who run a GSP node will be a crucial fulcrum upon which the entire ecosystem relies upon.

GSP node operators will have important responsibilities, some that go far beyond the usual. By staking enough $GSP, users will be able to run a node. When they do, they will be in charge of validating results that happen in game and uploading them to the blockchain, allowing for near-instant payouts for tournament winners with no possibilities of corruption. GSP node operators will also validate transactions that occur in the GSP City marketplace when users are trading in-game NFTs and other items, earning a fraction of the fees for their duties.

How GSP Node Operators Have Great Responsibilities

Community involvement in the GSP ecosystem goes much further as well. The GSP Channel is a totally decentralised streaming platform with community moderation. To do this, users will be able to rent their hardware and allow streaming content to flow through it, preventing the need for centralised servers handling the load. Users who put up their hardware for this purpose will also be rewarded for their endeavours, as are community moderators who ensure GSP’s content remains accessible to all – in the right way.

Another crucial role community nodes will have in powering up Get Set Play’s metaverse will be validating users time spent watching. With GSP, viewers are directly rewarded for tuning into their favourite streamer and providing an audience for them. GSP nodes will record how many viewers watch a stream, how long they watch it for, and how regularly they watch when determining the rewards users will receive.

The $GSP Token

All of these functions happen directly through the $GSP token. The native governance and utility token, $GSP is needed for all activities that take place within GSP. The total token supply is 1 billion, with much set aside for community node operators to reward them for their work in ensuring the continuing success of the ecosystem.

This will create a decentralised network dedicated to every aspect of our modern gaming experience. Streaming, esports, marketplaces, guild-centres, business centres, and much more besides, will all proliferate in Get Set Play’s open economy – an economy that puts the players first and lets those who contribute most earn the most from the shared success of gamers around the world uniting.

Earning potential will be high, too. As well as the flurried trade of NFTs, GSP will set up subscription fees for creators (akin to Patreon) so they can set up tired rewards for their community. GSP City will be made up of parcels of lands that can act as business hubs in web3 for creators where they can sell various special services, including coaching for the next generation of players. In GSP City, users will also be able to rent, lend, and sell various in-game items to one another so that they can take advantage of the latest games.

GSP node operators who have staked sufficient $GSP can share in all of these revenue streams as the ecosystem grows. They will validate transactions, record streamers engagement metrics, and oversee land transference in the Get Set Play ecosystem. The Get Set Play team wants players to benefit, and, with open access to all these revenue streams – they will.

How Get Set Play Will Change the Gaming Landscape Forever

Get Set Play is a highly ambitious project that covers the three main verticals of our modern gaming landscape. By unifying these three verticals into one holistic ecosystem, and ensuring through its protocol building blocks that it is truly decentralised, not just web2 in disguise, it offers a new paradigm for how we play the games we love. Through wide distribution of the $GSP token, the token that governs the direction of the protocol, then a more democratic gaming universe can be achieved.

If you want to be part of it, head over to the Get Set Play website, get in early, and start making the change that you, the player, wants to see in the gaming metaverse. Get ready, get set, because playtime isn’t over – it’s just beginning.


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