The Buzz Is Real: Big Eyes Coin Is All Set To Launch On June 15


Following a successful presale that spanned almost a year, the team behind Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has announced the upcoming launch of the BIG token on the Uniswap crypto exchange platform, scheduled for June 15. As anticipation for the project continues to build, it’s worth considering how it stacks up against established cryptocurrencies such as Solana and Luna.

Solana – The Ethereum Killer

Solana was created in 2017 to tackle three issues that the Ethereum blockchain faced: scalability, security, and decentralization. Solana addressed these issues by combining delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism and Proof of History protocol, enabling faster transactions for its users. As a result, Solana’s supporters called it the “Ethereum Killer.”

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the Solana network’s native token SOL began in April 2018 and lasted until May 2020. During the initial phase, 8 million tokens were allocated at a price of $0.22 each on Coinlist. The Solana project team raised $1.76 million in a single day, and private sales generated an additional $25.55 million.

After the SOL token was launched in the market in 2020, the token’s breakthrough came when Degenerate Ape Academy became the first major NFT project on Solana’s NFT marketplace. Following this, the SOL price surged to reach its all-time high value of $260.06 in November 2021.

Although the SOL token’s value has plummeted to $21.31, it remains a top investment option for crypto enthusiasts.

The Rise And Fall Of Luna

Terra is a blockchain network founded in 2018 by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin of Terraform Labs. The native cryptocurrency of the Terra blockchain is LUNA, which is used in a similar way to how Ethereum uses Ether. The Terra network also created the UST coin, an algorithmic stablecoin that was backed by LUNA instead of real assets.

In early 2021, the value of LUNA was less than $1, but it increased rapidly, creating many crypto millionaires within a year. By April 2022, the value of the LUNA coin had increased by 135% in a couple of months. Unfortunately, LUNA’s connection to the algorithmic stablecoin UST caused its value to crash in May 2022. Over $2 billion worth of UST was unstaked in a brief period, leading to massive sell-offs and de-pegging of the stablecoin. As a result, traders started exchanging UST for LUNA, which caused the minting of more LUNA and an increase in its circulating supply. Eventually, crypto exchanges delisted LUNA and UST pairings, and LUNA became worthless.

After this collapse, the Terra network launched another platform called Terra 2.0 with LUNA as its cryptocurrency. The platform continues in the market without its algorithmic stablecoin. Although the Terra network has begun its second innings, LUNA is still struggling to gain traction following its massive crash last year.

Big Eyes Coin – The Launch You Can’t Afford To Miss

Big Eyes Coin has been making headlines in the virtual world since the presale was rolled out in August 2022. In less than 10 months, this meme coin has raised more than 35 million dollars in presale, making it one of the most successful presales in recent years.

The native token of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem is called BIG. This token was initially sold at $0.0001 when the presale began. Now, at the 13th stage of the presale, a single unit of the BIG token costs $0.00053, marking more than a 400% rise in price from the initial value. The BIG team is planning to raise the price of the BIG token to $0.0006 when the token launches on the Uniswap crypto exchange on June 15.

As the presale draws to a close on June 3rd the BIG team is ramping up the final stage of promotion by releasing loot boxes with BIG gifts and offering a 300% bonus. Investors can take advantage of this offer by using the code END300.

Don’t wait to get in on the action as the countdown for the BIG launch has already begun. Invest in Big Eyes Coin, and become a millionaire in no time.

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