The Business of Women’s Sports


Many stories in the news have been about the shocking divide in pay between Women’s and Men’s sports. They tout headlines about wages and practice equipment, but they have been happening for so long that you seldom think twice about it before moving on. Today is your chance to stop and not move on. Female athletes earn only 63% of their male equals. Many arguments can be made about how that number is derived proportionally from air time, and there may be some credence to those arguments. However, have you ever stopped to think how wrong that justification is? The business of women’s sports needs to be taken more seriously.

Essentially you are saying that women earn less money because they do not perform as often as men. The issue here is that women are not given the same opportunities to play as men and cannot therefore have opportunities to earn a fair and equal salary. Monetary disparity not only arises in women athlete’s pay, it also occurs in the budgets for women’s sports. Division I spent more on it’s football team alone (16M) than on all of women’s sports combined (10M). This shocking sum may have you wondering how we can fix such a massive problem.

“The fact that it’s 2021 and the WNBA and NCAA women’s sports are treated like some sort of rec league specialty sport like the national corn hole league is is beyond disgusting, it’s time to stand up and bring true equality to sports.” Eric Mitchell – CEO, LifeFlip Media

This answer could be a simple one: give women more opportunities to earn a fair wage. This would mean increasing their air exposure, expanding sponsorships, and allowing athletes to do what they love: play their sport of choice.
By doing this, there is a large chance that we have the power to change how national sports operate. As a sports fan this might sound daunting, however, the positive effects that it will have for the women’s sports organization far outweigh an uncomfortable movement. All you have to do is decide what the right thing is. Do you choose change? Or will you choose the divide?

The Business of Women

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