The Brave Browser Notes Over 40 Million Downloads on Android

brave browser

No one can deny the Brave browser has been a major success so far. It is one of the fastest offerings on the market, and it removes the ads as well.

It has been very tough for consumers to not see ads when browsing the Internet.

Brave Remains Very Successful

Many years ago, the introduction of pop-up blockers was widely applauded.

Today, the focus is shifting to browsers focusing on removing ads and maintaining user privacy.

Brave checks a lot of the right boxes in this regard.

The software is available for desktop and mobile devices alike, allowing it to reach a wide audience. 

When it comes to Brave on Android it appears the application has been downloaded over 40 million times.

That doesn’t mean over 40 million Android users are utilizing this browser today, however.

It is a very competitive offering compared to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The extensions work across both browsers and there are a lot of similarities when using the software.

As more consumers are exposed to this ecosystem, the browsing industry will undergo major changes.

Users can now contribute financially to their favorite creators directly.

None of the other browsers on the market offer that type of functionality, for the time being.

At first, some people assumed Brave would be only for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

While it does use the Basic Attention Token, it is certainly accessible to anyone and everyone. 

Given this steep rise in popularity, it is evident that this browser will be around for some time to come. 

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