The Booming Business of Cannabis Jobs

cannabis jobs

Looking to change careers as the world is in interesting times due to the pandemic? The new year is right around the corner – perhaps it is time to be in search for greener pastures. Speaking of green, it may come as no surprise, but the cannabis industry is growing significantly, and it is ripe with jobs. This year alone, the legal cannabis industry is responsible for a total of 321,000 full time jobs across the United States.

What kind of jobs are available in the cannabis industry?  Titles such as Master Extractor, Master Grower, Edibles Chef, Dispensary Manager, and Budtender are just a few.

“Over the past few years, cannabis has been a major job creator across the country, and I’m hopeful that we will continue to see acceptance of the industry as a viable career path for purpose-driven professionals.” – David Belsky, CEO and Founder of FlowerHire

Learn more about how the sky’s the limit when it comes to jobs in cannabis in the visual deep dive below:

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