MasterCard Revolut Debit Card

Debit cards make it more convenient for users to spend cryptocurrencies. Despite a few competitors going out of business in recent years, Bitwala is trying to rekindle the industry.

Over the years, fewer companies have ventured into the world of cryptocurrency debit cards.

A Free Debit Card by Bitwala

Despite numerous ICO projects promising such a product, very few of them have been able to deliver.

It appears that “privilege’ is beholden to established companies in the cryptocurrency space.

One of those companies is Bitwala, a company specializing in providing bank account services with built-in cryptocurrency trading.

Their new secure card is, according to the company itself, designed for global spending.

The card is also linked to one’s bank account, or in this case, the service provided by Bitwala itself.

Users can convert their cryptocurrency balance to Euro and spend the money within just a few taps.

Interestingly enough, the company has decided to limit the cards to just one per customer account.

While that makes a lot of sense, some users might consider it as a bit of a hindrance. 

Clients who order their Bitwala card should receive it within 10 business days.

That indicates the company has found a willing partner to issue this cards, and one that can do so on a relatively large scale.

There are no extra costs associated with obtaining the card itself, which is another remarkable aspect. 

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