CryptoMode Bitcoin hashrate

As the Bitcoin halving draws closer, it remains to be seen how individual miners will respond. So far, it would appear that things are progressing nicely, although no new all-time high hashrate has been reached yet. 

The future of Bitcoin mining may look very different from what it is today.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Looks Very Healthy

This is primarily due to the upcoming block reward halving.

As miners earn less per block, they either need to reduce overhead costs or see a Bitcoin price increase.

It remains to be seen if that latter scenario can come to pass.

Many people are looking at the current Bitcoin mining hashrate chart.

It shows some interesting developments over the past few months.

Rather than noting a sharp dropoff in hashrate, it appears that things are still heading in the right direction. 

Based on how one wants to look at it, a new all-time high may or may not have been reached.

On the Bitinfocharts website, there is no hashrate ATH in sight.

When looking at Glassnode, the figures seem a bit different, although it was only on the hourly chart at that time. 

Rest assured that these hashrate charts will undergo some changes over the next seven to ten days.

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