The Bitcoin Car “Controversy” At Davos 2023 Highlights Finance Industry’s Fear Of Crypto

CryptoMode Bitcoin Car Davos 2023

There are many possible reasons why Bitcoin and other crypto assets crashed in 2022. Many blame the financial conditions and fallout of COVID-19, combined with the Russia-Ukraine war. Some blame a Bitcoin car that showed up during Davos 2023, even though that vehicle is an incredibly bullish market signal. 

The Bitcoin Car at Davos

Although opinions on events like Davos are divided – especially the many flights and gorging on food by elites while telling the rest of the population to cut expenses – exciting things tend to happen there. This year’s edition saw the appearance of an orange Mercedes-Benz vehicle. More specifically, it was sporting Bitcoin logos. It differs greatly from the Dogecoin car many years ago, as this one has nothing to do with NASCAR racing. 

The vehicle’s owner is Michael Chobanian, who founded the crypto exchange Kuna. He enjoys spreading the word about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Driving around in a Bitcoin-orange Mercedes-Benz attracts attention and gets people talking. However, Davos attendees weren’t too amused by this display. Either they dislike cryptocurrencies or thought it tasteless given the 2022 crypto market performance. 

However, Michael wasn’t intent on promoting anything, nor did he obtain the car by selling BTC during the crash. Instead, he wanted to remind the world that Bitcoin is still around and remains a viable asset despite last year’s bleak performance. Moreover, Chobanian takes no responsibility for people making terrible investment decisions and losing money because of it. The Bitcoin car cannot be blamed for these circumstances, although some will grasp at straws to turn this into a thing that has no relevance. 

Moreover, seeing an orange Mercedes-Benz with a Bitcoin logo in the hood ornament is rather spectacular. The vehicle doesn’t have any branding regarding Kuna, cryptocurrencies, or anything else. It is a very beautiful Bitcoin car but not a billboard for specific companies or services. Seeing it parked outside the venue hosting Davos sends a strong signal to everyone attending it, either in person or remotely. Bitcoin is here to stay, no matter how much some will ignore or discredit it. 

Will Crypto See A New “Golden Era”?

The fake controversy surrounding the Bitcoin car confirms many people hope for a new golden era for crypto. Since peaking at all-time highs in 2021, the markets have been a blood bath. All assets continually lost money throughout 2022 without any recovery in sight. Thankfully, 2023 is a different creature, with Bitcoin and other assets regaining some lost ground. More excitement surrounding the Bitcoin car will not do much for the market, but it is an intriguing development either way.

In an interview, Chobanian also confirmed he had no immediate intention of making Bitcoin the focal point of Davos 2023. Instead, he parked the Bitcoin car there out of convenience. If it is the closest parking spot, it is a good place. However, the dismay of some Davos attendees shows how much they fear cryptocurrency and its future impact.  

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