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There is another wave of dismay regarding Bitcoin Cash. More specifically, it appears that the Bitcoin ABC client developers have some very unique plans that don’t sit well with the community.

The past few weeks haven’t been easy for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin ABC Devs Have a Strange Plan

A new proposal to fund future development left the community severely divided.

Just when it seemed that this new mining tax idea was put on ice, the Bitcoin ABC client developers took matters into their own hands.

It appears that this network client will automatically enable the mining tax for all users and mining pools.

That is not something most users want to deal with, for rather obvious reasons.

In fact, it seems that the community is already contemplating enforcing another network fork in the coming months.

Introducing such a major change without consulting the community is a very odd decision.

Especially given the previous backlash regarding this potentially dangerous proposal. 

If the Bitcoin ABC developers go ahead with this idea, things don’t look too good for Bitcoin Cash.

It is a network that still doesn’t sit well with most Bitcoin enthusiasts either.

For now, there is still ample time for the Bitcoin ABC team to revert this decision.

Simply because the code exists, doens’t mean it has to be implemented now, or ever. 

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