The Big Eyes Coin Token Is Set To Top The Cryptocurrency Market Just Like Decentraland And Aave


With each passing day, the popularity and use of cryptocurrencies across the globe have increased significantly. With new cryptocurrencies emerging daily, individuals looking to purchase new cryptocurrencies most times find it challenging to choose which cryptocurrency to invest in. In this article, we shall discuss the Big Eyes Coin, a new cryptocurrency with the promise and prospect of emerging as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market, alongside the Decentraland (LAND) and Aave (AAVE) tokens.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin is a community token aiming to redirect wealth into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, thereby protecting an essential branch of the world’s ecosystem. It is popularly known that community tokens are enormous wealth generators both for the community and charity organizations. The Big Eyes Coin is not just any regular community token. It wants to give more to the community by building a blockchain ecosystem that self-propagates for rapid development using NFTs to offer access to events and content that will draw individuals to board the Big Eyes Coin moving train.

The Big Eyes Coin will be owned entirely by the community, and the community will decide every decision concerning changes to be made in the ecosystem. 90% of the tokens will be made available at launch. The Big Eyes Coin will have a tax-free shopping feature. No tax and no extra fees for the community members. The Big Eyes Coin community will have a transparent charity wallet holding system that will keep 5% of tokens for charity purposes. 

A dynamic tax system will be established in the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem to allow changes to include fees for LP Acquisition, Auto Burn functions, and the Marketing Wallet. The remaining 5% will be held in the marketing wallet to keep the Big Eyes Coin growing worldwide. The Big Eyes Coin ecosystem will also release NFT collections with the prospect of hitting the top 10 NFTs. 

Any profit from the NFT events will be used according to the decision of the Big Eyes Coin community. With these remarkable features, the Big Eyes Coin community poses to be a cryptocurrency that will significantly impact the cryptocurrency market.

How To Buy The Big eyes Coin

Here are the steps on how to buy the Big Eyes Coin


First, you have to open a MetaMask wallet or install it if you don’t have one, or you can use any of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect, like Trust Wallet. MetaMask is highly recommended for purchase on a desktop browser for a quicker and smoother experience.


After Setting up and opening your wallet, Click ‘ connect wallet and select the appropriate option. You will then have three options to choose from.

  • Buy Big Eyes Coin with Card 
  • Buy Big Eyes Coin with Ethereum (ETH) 
  • Buy Big Eyes Coin with USDT


Once the presale is over, you can claim your Big Eyes Coin. More details will be disclosed closer to the time; however, you must visit the main site: and click the pink ‘claim’ button.

Decentraland (LAND)

Decentraland (LAND) is a virtual reality ecosystem powered by the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Decentraland (LAND) allows its users to create and monetize content and applications. Just like Big Eyes Coin, Decentraland (LAND) is a community token that the community members permanently own. They also completely control all their creations in the Decentraland (LAND) ecosystem. 

Decentraland (LAND) users can claim ownership of virtual land by purchasing using the LAND token. The land owners control the nature and type of content that is published on their portion of land. LAnd portions are measured on a cartesian coordinates (x,y) scale. 

Land contents range from interactive systems such as games to stationary 3D scenes. The LAND is a non-fungible asset stored in an Ethereum smart contract that can be acquired with MANA.

MANA is an ERC20 token used to purchase digital goods and services in the Decentrland (LAND) ecosystem. 

Decentraland (LAND) employs a decentralized storage system to distribute the content needed to be rendered. Every file to be rendered has a reference to a document with a description of the parcel’s content. The document must contain the following:

  • Content files: are references to, or blobs with, 3D meshes, textures, audio files, and other important content required to render the parcel. These are files with specifications so that the client knows what contents the render will need, 
  • The scripting entry point manages the package’s functionality and how its content is organized. It makes it possible for programs and animations to run inside the parcel. Along with other capabilities, it also plans activities like object orientation and motion, sound playback frequency and timing, and potential user interactions.
  • P2P communications: This lets the client establish a connection with a server that initiates user-to-user communication, synchronizes movements and postures, and permits voice chat and messaging.

The Decentralized nature of the Decentraland (LAND) ecosystem allows it to work without needing a centralized server or third party, permitting the continued existence of the ecosystem as long as users continue to distribute content. This shifts the cost of running the ecosystem to the users that still benefit from it.

Aave (AAVE)

Aave (AAVE) is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized system for smart contracts. It enables users to establish money markets and generate interest through lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum and DeFi wallet partners, developers, projects, Aave (AAVE) holders, liquidity providers, and the Aave (AAVE) protocol make up the Aave (AAVE) ecosystem. 

The native token AAVE powers this range of items. The Aave (AAVE) protocol enables users to borrow crypto tokens in the form of stable-rate loans, variable-rate loans, and Flash Loans, as well as to earn interest on their digital assets. More than 15 cryptocurrencies, including DAI, ETH, LINK, USDT, and AAVE, are available for lending and borrowing. Lenders supply liquidity by contributing funds that have been gathered into liquidity pools—each liquidity pool reserves assets as a buffer against volatility. 

Aave (AAVE) has established liquidity pools on Uniswap and Balancer so lenders can redeem their funds anytime to prevent potential liquidity difficulties.

The AAVE is an ERC-20- token formerly known as LEND, which powers the Aave (AAVE) platform. It was developed to enable users to vote and stake their tokens to administer and expand the Aave (AAVE) ecosystem. 

Before transitioning to the new currency in 2020, LEND served as Aave’s native token. At a 100:1 ratio, LEND has been exchanged for AAVE. 1.3 billion LEND was changed into 16 million AAVE, representing the entire coin supply. A total of 13 million AAVE tokens were created, of which 3 million are held in the Aave (AAVE) ecosystem reserve to encourage protocol growth. The remaining AAVE tokens, 13 million, will be redeemed by holders of LEND tokens.

Numerous variables determine the pricing of AAVE. The first is the expansion of the total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies, which translates into rising currency acceptance. The second aspect is the buzz around the DeFi industry, where one of the most exciting initiatives is Aave (AAVE). It also counts for its innovation in “flash loans.” Burning tokens reduces the supply and boosts prices, another aspect that affects the value of the AAVE token. Aave (AAVE) platform user adoption and the performance of its assets are also correlated with token price, usage, and popularity.

For individuals looking for a great alternative to using a bank or other centralized financial institution to lend or borrow money, Aave (AAVE) is a great option. Aave (AAVE) is open and safe thanks to its decentralized structure and code-protected processes. The capitalization of Aave’s (AAVE) project is anticipated to increase with the price of the coin powering the platform, reflecting that demand for such solutions has only increased over the past few years.

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