The Big Eyes Coin 200% Bonus Ends February 3! How Does It Compare With Meta Masters Guild?


Cryptocurrency presales, particularly during a bear market, offer some of the greatest opportunities to get involved in great projects at a great token price. Both Big Eyes Coin and Meta Masters Guild could be characterised under this category of presale gems. But which project will stand the test of time and offer the best ROI?

First, let’s take a look at some crypto history with EOS

EOS, perhaps one of the forgotten Layer 1 blockchains, had a tremendously successful presale. Raising $4 Billion throughout their Presale and ICO, they set the precedent for the cryptocurrency presale.

Could either of these projects in their presale mirror the success of EOS? Let’s find out.

Big Eyes Coin triples your presale purchases!

Through the month of January, Big Eyes HQ has been offering everyone a 200% bonus on all purchases made in its presale. By using the ‘Cheetah’ code LAUNCHBIGEYES200, you immediately triple your whole investment!

$385 of Big Eyes at today’s price would make you a crypto millionaire if Big Eyes were to hit $1 per token! That means that only a $130 investment of $BIG is needed to give you the opportunity of becoming a crypto millionaire with Big Eyes!

It should be noted that this Big Eyes Bonus Code is the LAST EVER bonus code that will be offered by the development team. Big Eyes will never offer any kind of bonus again and so now really is the best time to invest in Big Eyes as you’re ultimately buying $BIG with a 66.66% discount!


Meta Masters Guild – What it is.

It is Meta Masters Guild’s ambition to reckon with the established heavyweights of mobile gaming. Bridging web3 technology to online mobile gaming, one of the fastest-growing gaming industries, Meta Masters Guild boasts some impressive ideas.

Introducing NFTs as in-game add-ons and an impressive ‘Meta Karting’ game, Meta Masters Guild has a well developed web3 strategy and roadmap. However, the largest obstacle facing the project is the highly saturated market in the web3 mobile gaming space.

Many projects are vying for web3 mobile gaming market share and only a few will be able to grab that space. What does Meta Masters Guild bring to the table that other projects have not? Well, that remains to be seen. Following the presale and release of their first game and NFT marketplace, it will quickly become apparent if there is sufficient demand for their product.

The Comparison

While it is hard to do a face value comparison for these projects due to the different markets they are targeting, there are some obvious conclusions to be drawn.

Big Eyes Coin targets a particular market, the meme coin market. One may think that the meme coin market is, like web3 mobile gaming, extremely saturated, but this is not strictly accurate.

The meme coin market is flooded with Doge themes projects, stemming from the OG Dogecoin. Following this, Shiba Inu bounded into the market along with countless other Dog themed tokens.

If you hadn’t already noticed, Big Eyes is a cat. Now, this might at first seem a rather arbitrary point to base an investment strategy off but what does the cat stand for? Cats vs Dogs has been the infinite and ultimate battle of the domesticated animal kingdom. The cartel of Doge-inspired meme tokens needs to be taken down, and that is exactly what Big Eyes Coin is looking to do.

This is where the comparison between Big Eyes and Meta Masters Guild is drawn. The web3 gaming project is looking to gain market share in a highly saturated market without establishing its niche. This could be highly problematic for the future growth of the project, as well as the success of the presale.


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