The Best Ways to Learn a New Language with the Help of Technology


Isn’t it amazing and intriguing that all human beings speak different languages? When ‘Despacito’ plays on the radio, you want to sing along because it sounds groovy. The ‘La Vie en Rose’ song sounds romantic, and you might want to dedicate it to your partner but aren’t aware of the lyrics or the meaning. A new romantic affair with a Polish lady has added some spice to your life. She loves playing 50 free spinów and reading Polish books. You both speak the same language, which is love, but it would be nicer if you learn her language and understand what she says. 

The good news is that you can learn a new language without actually paying thousands of dollars. If your heart and mind want to learn something new, nothing can stop you from doing so.  

Technology is a blessing – you can learn a new language on your own without even hiring a tutor. How will that happen? Well, here’s an interesting piece for you that highlights the best ways to learn a new language with the help of technology. Let’s get started. 

Translate the Page into the Preferred Language 

If you want to learn a language, open any page and translate it. In case you are keen on learning Spanish, translate an English page into Spanish so that you can note the changes. 

Reading the translated script can help you grasp words. The best way to learn is to open a familiar page like poetry you are aware of. If you know the poem lines word-to-word, you will be able to note the differences after it has been translated. Technology can help by translating the page into a different language. This is a great learning opportunity for you. 

Changing the Language Settings on Your Mobile and Social Media Account

If you are a total social media enthusiast, you would be aware of the use of different icons. Change the language settings to French, Spanish, Russian, or Polish (whatever you desire) and start learning different words. 

By changing the settings, you are forcing your head to learn the new words and understand them. In a couple of weeks, you will be willing to try new ways to learn more words and frame sentences in that language. 

Use Google Translation Whenever Necessary 

Google Translation is not 100% accurate, but it offers a good learning opportunity. Let’s say you are dealing with a Japanese or Sri Lankan client, you can translate basic phrases like hello, how are you, what is your name, and join us for lunch. If the translation is not correct, the client will at least be happy that you tried. They will correct you, and it will be the beginning of a new friendship. 

Watch Netflix Series & Learn a New Language

Most of the series you see on Netflix come with subtitles. Once you start watching different series, you will get to learn new phrases and words. 

Watching series in different languages is an excellent way of grasping something new. This is a great way to learn a new language, culture, and people. 

Summing up 

Before wrapping up, we also want to tell you that there are many applications available that will help you learn a new language. You can gain access to free Spanish/French/Polish/Arabic/Russian/German learning applications. There are many more languages you can learn for free with the help of technology. Why don’t you grab this opportunity? It will be lucrative for your career. Moreover, learning a new language will help you when you travel to a new country. If not for your career or travel plans, learn to understand your favourite songs and sing them out loud.

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