The Best Passive Income Crypto: Does ADA Have Any Use?


Many people are looking for the best passive income. With the lockdowns of Covid-19 came the opportunity for many people to realize alternative ways of making money.

Be it knitting jumpers, importing and selling goods online, or trading. People are still searching for these opportunities, and cryptocurrency has provided a great base over the past few years for people to boost their spending ability.

The Best Passive Income

Many thought that ‘rebasing tokens’ or ‘farming liquidity’ was the best passive income through 2021 and into 2022, and a lot of the people who left their wealth in these tokens found out that an infinitely minted supply causes the price to take a big hit.

So is crypto the best passive income? Potentially still, yes. The important part of finding the best passive income crypto is doing research, so when ADA went to the number 3 crypto spot in 2021, was it because of passive income opportunity or something else?

What is ADA?

ADA is the native coin of the Cardano network. Many investors turned to ADA in the great bull run of 2021, with the charismatic Charles Hoskinson at the helm of all things Cardano.

Passive income is possible with Cardano. Various exchanges allow for easy staking with up to 12% APY. Many jumped on board with the hope of making gains over time, but unfortunately ended up losing more in the value of the assets than the income generated. Is there a chance that ADA can still be one of the best passive income choices?

ADA Price Prediction

ADA can only be a passive income crypto if the price stays at least stable, or goes up vs USD. ADA price predictions are not great for the long-term. With the realization that the smart contract capability is poor, after such an incredible hype-up, Cardano is now thoroughly out of the spotlight. ADA price prediction is weak and because of this it cannot be classed as the best passive income crypto.

Avorak AI

A key aspect of ensuring a sustainable passive income is by creating a revenue from external sources. Avorak is a suite of AI tools that assist traders and creatives, with more functionality on the way. In order to access these AI tools, users must buy the AVRK token and use it as a payment. The most interesting aspect for the AVRK token from an investor standpoint is that 49% of that AVRK that is sent as a payment for services is redirected back to AVRK holders. This is the essence of passive income. The best part of this passive income is that it is generated from the products and brings in money externally, meaning there is no inflation to the token. In fact, 2% of the revenue is burned, meaning the crypto is actually deflationary, creating an amazing set of tokenomics not seen elsewhere. Cryptos like AVRK are surely the best passive income crypto.

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