The Benefits Of Joining These Amazing Projects: Privacrip, Binance Coin, And Solana


Privacrip (PRCR) is a security enabled blockchain that offers its users the highest level of security. As smart Contracts naturally conjure up problems due to their interoperability, a series of blockchains have enabled a list of decentralised applications and usability. With the speedy adoption of a list of decentralised internet protocols, there’s been a huge surge of success for open-source projects. 

The Privacrip (PRCR) network is striving to become the world’s leading multi-faceted protection-empowered blockchain. Clients have extra reassurance when it comes to sharing their information to procure income while keeping it completely classified. This is ensured by using parallel-runtimes on the PrivaCrip network which can use security-preserving innovation.

The demand for privacy solutions within and outside the blockchain ecosystem has never been greater! Although transactional privacy has been a priority for a series of privacy-focused protocols, a protocol with a programmable default for the degree to which underlying data is exposed still needs to be fulfilled. This is where Privacrip comes into play. Its goal is to be an open-sourced protocol that enables a diverse range of privacy-preserving tools and applications via programmable privacy, thereby increasing decentralised technology adoption and usability.

The Benefits Of BNB To Users

The Binance coin (BNB) launched in August 2017. Yet has since experienced high levels of popularity over the past few months, alongside the BNB coin. Binance matches your orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies just like other cryptocurrency exchanges. The key components that separate one exchange from another are associated with the matching engine capacity, fees, and the liquidity volume, Binance uses the BNB coin to make the platform deliciously appealing for those who hold it. 

Accordingly, the most crucial function of the BNB coin is to act as a catalyst to facilitate the services the Binance exchange delivers to its customers. Users on the platform benefit from various discounts when they use it to pay for trading fees. 

All that is needed to be eligible, is to hold BNB coins in your crypto wallet with the exchange. This incentive is not restricted to the first year of the coin’s use, like similar products that cap benefits after the first year. Instead, you can receive a 50% discount in the first year of the coin, then 25% in the second year, followed by 12.5% in the following third year. 

When the discount reaches zero in the fifth year, the coin continues to be used as the fuel which powers the fee payment on the Binance platform. This incentive demonstrates how valuable BNB views its user, yet to balance the risk of bringing down the value of the Binance coins made by decreasing discounts. 

Binance coin’s creators are committed to periodically burning some of these coins, so as to reduce their total supply until 50% of the total BNB supply (100 million) is burned, which will prevent depreciation and maintain a stable price for BNB. 

Solana – This Sol could be the Centre Of The Cryptoverse

Solana is an open-sourced blockchain that strives to provide a fast, scalable, and advanced marketplace and platform for decentralised applications (Dapps). Solana benefits from its founder- Anatoly Yakovenko’s extensive experience in distributed systems and decentralization. With this advantage, Solana (SOL) can build a much improved system.

Superior to its predecessor Ethereum, as it combats the issues that infest Ethereum and other proof of work-based blockchain projects. This is ensured by choosing different consensus algorithms while continuing to improve in all areas deemed fallible in their competitors.         

The project was envisioned in 2017 but officially launched in 2020. The three years from conception allowed for room to address the issues of other blockchains by merging two consensus mechanisms: Proof of Stake and Proof of History. 

Proof of Stake is brilliant for users to earn rewards if they make good decisions within the network. The SOL token is at the centrepiece of the Solana network, paying for gas fees on the network. It also serves the purpose of staking, so users can assist the network’s security, and even earn inflationary rewards. 

Huge incentives have been displayed for BNB and SOL projects. At the time of writing, June 2022, both tokens are firmly wedged into the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap.

Privacrip (PRCR) is hugely focused on blockchain users having accessible alternatives to applications that violate their right to privacy. All three tokens offer benefits for their users, so take your pick!

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