The AMC Token: The Apes Movement Community Token could be the next MeMe coin of 2022?

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The cryptocurrency space has seen exponential growth in meme coins the last few years, with great success stories like Dogecoin, Safemoon, Shiba Inu,  Evergrow Coin and many more.  

But what these big names have in common and what makes them great? well this is not a simple question and there is not just one answer, but something is true they all made life-changing returns for the small retail investor.  

 With the train gone and this trades already suffocated, everyone is scrambling to find the next big thing.  

The AMC Token (The Apes Movement Community Token) is proud to be the first token created with the mission of generating wealth to the holders by the  Meme coin status, along with exposing the malpractices done in the financial systems nowadays for the benefit of a few, in this manner we can go to the moon as wells as establishing a more fair, transparent and less corrupt financial system is a win-win situation.  

 Our upcoming fair launch will leave you breathless because when we mean fair we mean truly fair.  

 – First the project Team renounced to 92.5% of the tokens, so the true holders will be the community. Take for example Shiba Inu coin where just one wallet was holding 75% of the tokens in existence and never sold, we think that this was in part why it skyrocketed so fast with so short supply and the popularity it gain there was just not enough coins circulating. 

 – Second No whitelist, we all know by now that whitelist’s are generally a scam for the retail investors, where whitelisters are ready to dump all the coins in the first few minutes of hype (who knows if it even was really an original whitelist or just fingerpicking). 

 – Third No Seed or Private Round, mostly seed and private round’s are for big  institutional investor’s, that for a small amount of money can purchase a big block  of the circulating supply. In this manner, the retail investor will always be at the mercy of the whales. 

 – Forth No influencer’s Wallet, we all know this is a regular practice in this industry  where influencer’s are paid in token’s or in cash for pumping a project without  caring if it’s a legit or a scam. 

 – Fifth No Privileged Friends or insider info. 

 Mark your calendar’s on April 2022, The AMC Token (The Apes Movement Community Token) will be launching the next 1000xgem, the exact date will be  announced soon only on our official channels please beware of scammer’s. 

 The launch will be on the Ethereum Network (ERC-20) for its standardized  characteristics, security, transparency and transferability, the ticker is TAMC and a  max supply 513,960,784 tokens which makes it a really scarce token by today  standards. 

The AMC energetic community of apes is counted in the millions by now, our  project will hold them together into one army with one goal, make life-changing money and become stronger collectively so we can pressure the establishment to  free our financial systems. 

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