The Advantages of EPNOC– A Hybrid Crypto Exchange & Cross Chain NFT Marketplace

Decentralized finance has changed the scope and experience of conventional finance for the better. However, with the complications of regulations that have affected the underlying democratic trait of crypto exchanges, investors are increasingly getting cautious of both Centralized exchanges (CeX) and Decentralized exchanges (DeX). And this is why EPNOC is a breath of fresh air!

EPNOC- a hybrid crypto exchange and NFT MarketPlace is already making the right amount of noise, with many comparing it with leading crypto exchanges like Qurrex or even Binance DEX.


EPNOC provides a next-generation HYBRID crypto exchange platform and NFTs marketplace so that users can access digital assets using the best features and qualities. With the power of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, EPNOC lets users get a highly-secure, user-friendly, reliable and transparent exchange that further allows traders and investors to make fair and unbiased decisions.

Within merely 18 days of its launch, the value of EPNOC’s coin (EPN) has grown up from $0.01 to 0.015. The impressive 50% gain in less than a month certainly sets the tone of its success. In fact, it can certainly be assured that within one year of its launch, EPNOC will hit the price value of $10.

Here are some of the outstanding benefits of EPNOC which makes it an efficient and highly lucrative project for crypto lovers.

Optimization of earnings:

Most importantly, through EPNOC, crypto traders can optimize their earnings on every trade they make by developing trading strategies using metrics, technical indicators, and current tools.
These metrics allow investors to keep a track on specific coins and make decisions according to their price movements.

Centralized & Decentralized– Best from Both worlds

At a time when investors are getting apprehensive about the security and liquidity issues around crypto exchanges, the EPNOC ecosystem is emerging out to be a perfect blend from both worlds– ie. incorporating the liquidity and usability of centralized platforms with the security and anonymity of decentralized exchanges.

By lowering the shortcomings of CeX and DeX, EPNOC has established itself as a highly secure, user-friendly, reliable, and transparent crypto exchange.

You control your assets, your Wallets!

Investors retain total control of their assets and do not lose custody. Crypto traders can exchange digital assets straight from their wallets and deposit tokens into a trustworthy smart contract without any third- party control.

Escrow mechanism and Atomic Swap Exchange
One of the key features of EPNOC that makes it so attractive is its no third party-control . As a result, Escrow mechanism and Atomic Swap Exchange enables a safe, risk-free transactional experience for users.

Liquidity glooms at bay!

EPNOC’s efficient liquidity provider program is capable of handling the danger of bankruptcy. Note that 30% of EPNOC’s fund will be alloted to the business’s future development, corporate bindings, liquidity, and finance protocol.

Lightning speed, Smooth interface

Thanks to its efficient and hardware-accelerated technology, EPNOC has the potential of an order-making peak value of 2 million/seconds. Investors can thus enjoy a speedy transaction. By dint of simple user interface and robust matching engine employed in the hybrid exchange, users can enjoy smooth and a fuss-free transaction.

Our Revenue, your Profits!

If its lucrative features were not enough, EPNOC definitely knows what keeps their holders happy! As a result, EPNOC is also sharing 50% of the profit generated from their revenue with EPNOC Token holders.

Endless user benefits

Apart from enjoying community events and social networking, EPNOC coin holders will get perks like exclusive NFT drops, Priority minting and an ever-flowing passive income through staking of their holdings!

Perks of EPNOC Cross-chain NFT MarketPlace

Imagine a NFT marketplace where you can buy any NFT from any platform after comparing the prices and while you imagine, drop all the fuss about comparing and buying aside. EPNOC which will be one of the pioneers in creating a cross chain NFT Marketplace will let you easily compare and buy NFTs.

Thus, any user can submit an offer on the Ethereum blockchain, and other users will be able to accept this offer on the Binance blockchain.

Additionally, stakers can use their EPN to vote on which NFT the platform acquires. This NFT will then be fractionalized and made available to stakers. Moreover, anyone can invest in fractions of an NFT, and revenue generated from that will be shared with the investors. The marketplace will onboard some real-world companies too!

EPNOC’s cross chain NFT Marketplace would thus, be a one of a kind experience for NFT enthusiasts and there’s more to come!

EPNOC Token Pre-sale

In a nutshell, EPNOC’s project is certainly here to bring the much-needed transformation in the Crypto Space.

But, there’s more to gain for early birds with EPNOC token presale. EPNOC is offering a 10% bonus and several referrals for the first presale buyers. Infact, one lucky winner received $10000 USDT on 24 December 2022. However, the fun does not stop here, even you can win various giveaways in our upcoming surprises.Stay tuned with EPNOC.

So, hurry up and make the most of EPNOC’s Live Presale!


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