The 5 Most Profitable ASICs to Mine Cryptocurrency With Today

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Using ASIC hardware to mine cryptocurrencies can remain profitable, at least on paper. It all comes down to one’s electricity costs, as well as the coins to be mined. The following ASICs all yield a profitability of over $5 a day, according to AsicMinerValue.

Bitmain Antminer Z15

Source: AsicMinerValue

Not too many people will be surprised to learn that Bitmain is building powerful ASICs. It is the company’s main bread and butter. What most people may not be aware of is how the company has built units for specific algorithms that aren’t Bitcoin’s SHA-256. The Antminer Z15 is used to mine Equihash currencies at a rate of 420 ksol/second. The unit will still draw 1,510 Watts from the wall, making it a rather power hungry beast of a machine.

Released initially in June of 2020, users can expect a decent profitability per day. Assuming one is interested in mining Zcash, ZenCash, or Hush, there is some good money to be made. While the unit will cost around $4,000, it is possible to ROI within the first year. Mining these altcoins can yield a daily profit of up to $18.85, which is more than respectable. 

Innosilicon A10 Pro ETH Miner

Source: AsicMinerValue

The Innosilicon line of products is well-represented in the profitability top 5, Three of its units all yield decent mining profits per day. Up first is the A10 Pro ETH Miner, which generates 500MH/s of mining power and draws 750 Watts from the wall. it is designed purely for the Ethash algorithm, thus users can equally mine Ethereum Classic, Musicoin, or Ubiq with the machine. Switching between currencies depending on overall profitability is something to keep an eye on. 

Assuming one isn’t paying too much for electricity, the unit can generate about $10 in profit per day. It is another expensive unit, with prices ranging from $4.360 to $4.690. Achieving an ROI will take over 410 days, however, which makes it a steeper investment altogether. It is also slightly louder than the Antminer unit above, which is something else to keep in mind.

Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster (485 / 432)

Source: AsicMinerValue

Another Ethash-oriented mining unit comes in the form of the A10 ETHMaster. This unit has two separate models, depending on the desired hashrate. Both ASICS yield a decent profitability. The 485Mhh/s unit is slightly more profitable than the 432 MH/s one, but also draws 110 Watts more from the wall. For those who have electricity price concerns, it can be worthwhile to opt for the second model, although it means $1 less profit per day. It is important to note the amount of RAM on board may not be sufficient to mine Ethereum

Obtaining the more expensive unit will set users back anywhere from $3,000 to $5.650, depending on one’s vendor. The slightly less powerful unit can be bought for $5.270, making both very steep investments. Achieving an ROI will take between 400 and 600 days, indicating that these units are vastly overpriced in their current form, They were both released in 2018, so finding them at  a lower price should be possible. 

Todek Toddminer C1 PRO

Source: AsicMinerValue

Perhaps the most interesting duck in the pond is Todek’s Toddminer C1 PRO. This is one of the few ASICs focusing on mining the Eaglesong algorithm. For those unaware, the Nervos currency leverages this algorithm, although more coins may decide to do so in the future. With a mining capacity of 3 Terahash per second, and a power draw of 2,700W, it is a very beastly unit indeed. Electricity costs can be as high as $8 a day, reducing its profitability to just $7 in most cases.

This unit has, despite its somewhat limited appeal, a price tag of $4,780. That puts the ROI at 639 days, or nearly two full years. Keeping the lifespan of altcoins in mind, it remains to be seen if there is an Eaglesong currency to be mined two years from today. Either way, it is an option to explore for those willing to take a rather big gamble. 

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