The 5 Launchpads With The Highest Current ROI

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Investors and speculators can make a lot of good money in the cryptocurrency world. Finding the right asset to buy at the most opportune time is often a guarantee for success. Investing in launchpads and IDO platforms is a lucrative option, as the following projects all have a relatively high current ROI. 

ETHPad (222.43x)

The launch of ETHPad is a crucial development for the broader Ethereum ecosystem. Although IDO investors are mainly interested in the current ROI of 222.43x, the launchpad will boost the development and funding of future Ethereum-based projects. In addition, it is one of the platforms under the BlueZilla banner. Although the all-time high was 348.7x, investors may not reach that value again for a while. 

TronPad (50.77x)

A second launchpad under the BlueZilla banner entering the current OI top 5 rankings. TronPad has the same objective as ETHPad, but for the Tron blockchain ecosystem. Its current ROI of 50.77x is more than respectable, although the all-time high was 80.2x. TronPad noticed nearly twice the participants of ETHPad, though, which is rather interesting. The asset also has far more trading volume. 

Starter (40.24x)

The Starter launchpad is an interesting addition, as it is a cross-chain launchpad working across Ethereum, Polygon, Binance smart Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom. Similar to DeFi assets, cross-chain solutions are the future in the cryptocurrency industry. Currently, at a 40.39x ROI, Starter is certainly on the right path. However, its all-time high of 53.56x was more spectacular and may be reached again in the future. 

Launchpool (32.05x)

Even though this list focuses on IDO and launchpad solutions, Launchpool is a slightly different creature. Launchpool can help projects attain goals before hosting an IDO on Polkastarter, Mantra, or other platforms as a pre-IDO platform. Investors buying Launchpool during the project’s own IDO now have a 32.05x ROI, slightly below the all-time high of 40.63x. There is undoubtedly some price potential for this project, as IDOs have become the new way of raising funds. 

GameFi (19.65x)

Blockchain gaming is one of the hot trends, primarily thanks to the popular play-to-earn model. GameFi aims to service blockchain gamers, investors, and traders as a launchpad exclusively for games. As a result, it can provide a healthy boost to the blockchain gaming segment, although it remains unclear how things will unfold in the coming months and years. GameFi currently notes a 19.59x ROI, despite an all-time high of 31.21x. 

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