The 5 Hottest DApps On BSC This Week

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Decentralized applications, or DApps, will stand or fall based on user engagement. It isn’t easy to gain and sustain traction these days, although activity appears to pick up on the Binance Smart Chain. Unsurprisingly, trading/swapping DApps are the most popular in early 2022.

PancakeSwap (DEX)

The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is home to many trading DApps that embrace decentralization to the full extent. As the first and leading DEX, PancakeSwap continues to note strong user engagement. More specifically, over 660,000 weekly users remain impressive, although it also highlights how “niche” cryptocurrency remains today. That said, demand for BSC-based assets appears to rise, which is a positive trend. 

MOBOX Platform (Gaming)

The concept of GameFi is a big buzzword today, but it wasn’t always that popular where DApps are concerned. MOBOX was one of the first platforms on BSC to explore this new opportunity. It provides yield farming and farming NFTs as part of its free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. With over 35,000 weekly active users, the platform continues to attract attention, confirming future room for growth. 

The Crypto You (Gaming)

The Crypto You is an online game that lets players summon characters, complete daily missions, fight monsters, loot rare items, and much more. It is a play-to-earn game under the Baby Metaverse banner. There is also a social aspect and in-game seasons with dedicated rewards. Today, it is one of the more successful DApps on Binance Smart Chain, with over 26,500 weekly active users.

Biswap (Trading)

As demand for exposure to BSC-based assets continues to rise, there will be an uptick in overall trading. Rather than flocking to the leading DEX, traders show a keen interest in Biswap. Having multiple trading-oriented DApps at one’s disposal is always beneficial and helps broader the overall liquidity. Biswap hones in on surpassing 25,000 weekly active users again, which is rather exciting. 

1Inch Network BSC (Trading)

There was a time when 1Inch launched on Ethereum to rival Uniswap and Sushiswap. Today, it is one of the many DApps exploring a cross-chain approach to improve liquidity and accessibility. 1Inch on the Binance Smart Chain remains a prominent trading provider, with over 20,000 active users last week. Sustaining further growth will prove crucial, as competition continues to heat up. 

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