The 3 Dominant DeFi Tokens in China This Week: JST, BAND, KAVA

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It has been a while since cryptocurrency and China were mentioned in the same breath. That doesn’t mean the country is giving up on this asset type, however,  When it comes to DeFi tokens, there is certainly a great interest in specific projects. 


According to a recent screenshot shared by Justin Sun, DeFi tokens are gaining traction in China. At the top of the list is JUST,  the TRON-based platform supporting the issuance of the USDJ stablecoin. 

It also provides a lot of other functionality, which brings more value to the JST token. The recent 900% price increase has certainly attracted a lot of attention. The token can currently be traded on both Binance and Huobi as top exchanges. Several smaller platforms have listed JST as well. 

Band Protocol (BAND)

Despite flying under some people’s radar, Band Protocol is performing relatively well. it is certainly of great interest to traders in China, as they appear to think rather highly of this project. A recent 753.73% price increase will certainly contribute to the excitement. Obtaining BAND can be done through Binance and Huobi. 

At its core, Band Protocol positions itself as a secure and scalable blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle. Such services will prove invaluable to the broader cryptocurrency industry, but also service providers showing an interest in blockchain technology overall. 

KAVA (Kava)

On the price front, the past few hours haven’t been easy for KAVA. A significant loss has been recorded, which may or may not coincide with Bitcoin’s temporary pullback. The token is still up by 131.5% in the past 30 days. Traders across China are confident this project will go places. Anyone interested in buying KAVA can do so on Binance

What makes Kava an interesting platform is how it focuses on DeFi and  interoperability. Bringing support for BNB to the platform has already proven to be successful. Future additions will include Bitcoin, XRP, and ATOM, This allows the platform to tap into multiple liquidity streams that other DeFi solutions have left ignored.

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