Tether to expand Tradecurve leading the bull market


The cryptocurrency sector continues to witness notable developments, with Tether’s expansion in Georgia and Tradecurve’s (TCRV) leading position in the current bull market capturing the attention of investors and enthusiasts. Keep reading as we look closely into the recent news surrounding Tether’s expansion and explore how Tradecurve is making significant moves as the market experiences a bullish trend.


Tether expands presence in Georgia

Tether, one of the largest and most widely used stablecoins in the crypto space, has strategically expanded its presence in Georgia. The company has announced its investment in CityPay.io – a payment processing company based in the country, signaling its commitment to foster the adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies into the local financial ecosystem.

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According to the company’s official blog post, Tether’s recent investment intends to boost Georgia’s payment industry’s ease and efficiency. It further claimed that its investment in CityPay.io is the company’s first move toward expanding in the transcontinental nation, which is regarded as one of the world’s most crypto-friendly nations.

Georgia has been recognized as a crypto-friendly jurisdiction with a supportive regulatory environment. This move by Tether highlights the increasing importance of stablecoins in facilitating frictionless transactions and creating a bridge between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market. By expanding its presence in Georgia, Tether aims to contribute to the region’s broader adoption and mainstream acceptance of digital currencies.

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Tradecurve (TCRV) seen as the bull market’s leader

As the cryptocurrency market experiences a bullish trend, the Tradecurve (TCRV) presale has been named the bull leader, with a stunning rise of 50% in a quick period. As the current online trading market is facing severe issues such as high commissions, lack of transparency, and limited access to leveraged products, Tradecurve seeks to solve these problems with its cutting-edge features.

Tradecurve will offer a single, on-chain hybrid trading platform that makes trading in various marketplaces, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and commodities, more accessible than traditional platforms such as Robinhood.

The foundation of Tradecurve will be anonymity, allowing users to trade freely without all the unnecessary restrictions like KYC. It represents a considerable departure from conventional trading platforms, which cannot provide the privacy that more and more traders want. Trading on Tradecurve will be simple – users must create an account using an email only, link it to a crypto wallet, and choose a cryptocurrency to deposit.

Also, transparency will be another area covered by Tradecurve as it will implement its own Proof of Reserves (PoR) after its launch. Moreover, the decentralized nature of Tradecurve will eliminate all third-party mediators resulting in way lower trading fees.


Other notable features will also include access to high-leverage products starting at 500:1, a metaverse trading academy and the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) as users can subscribe to automated & AI trading bots to increase profitability. Holding the TCRV utility token will bring discounts on these subscription costs, governance voting rights, access to exclusive trading account rewards, and more.

Currently, Tradecurve is offering the TCRV token for just $0.015, and each purchase comes with a 25% deposit bonus. Since the token is now in Stage 3 of its presale, knowledgeable investors are flocking to it, with millions of tokens sold already. This high demand has made analysts extremely bullish for its future as they foresee a 50x value jump for the token as the presale ends and a further 100x increase when it gets listed on a major Tier-1 CEX after its launch.

As the bull market gains momentum, we believe that Tradecurve’s commitment to providing a secure and efficient trading environment will prove advantageous for its users. The platform’s focus on privacy ensures that traders can confidently conduct transactions, while its low fees contribute to cost-effective trading strategies.

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