Tether Halts USDT Issuance on Bitcoin Omni Layer and Other Less Popular Networks

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In an unexpected move, the team behind Tether, a leading stablecoin issuer, declared its Bitcoin Omni Layer version terminated due to diminishing user interest. This decision also extends to its Bitcoin Cash and Kusama iterations, marking a significant change in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Historic Backdrop: The Rise and Evolution of Bitcoin Omni Layer

Launched originally as “Mastercoin” in July 2013, the Bitcoin Omni Layer represented a pioneering smart contract system integrated within the Bitcoin blockchain framework. Two years before Ethereum’s inception, in October 2014, Omni Layer Tether emerged, becoming the first-ever stablecoin within this system. Rapidly gaining traction, it overtook predecessors like BitUSD and NuBits in market capitalization.

In its recent communication, Tether emphasized the instrumental role played by the Omni Layer in the crypto arena. The team noted, “The Omni Layer, operating atop Bitcoin, was a linchpin in Tether’s nascent phase, and its innovation and contribution to the digital currency ecosystem remains commendable.”

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Despite its groundbreaking start, Omni Layer grappled with hurdles, primarily from the scarcity of prominent tokens and the ascendancy of USDT on alternative blockchains. Such dynamics drove exchanges to adopt different transport layers. It caused a slump in USDT Omni adoption and prompting Tether’s recent decision.

Looking Ahead: Tether’s Future Plans and Assurances

While Tether has paused its Omni Layer issuance, it hasn’t closed doors completely. The company has hinted at a potential revival if Omni’s usage surges. Moreover, in their pursuit of innovation, they’re developing a novel Bitcoin smart contract system named “RGB.” Once operational, they aim to reintroduce Tether in an RGB format, reinstating its presence on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The following takeaways are crucial:

  • Effective August 17, 2023, Tether has ceased the minting of USD₮-Omni, USD₮-Kusama, and USD₮-BCH-SLP.
  • Redemptions for these versions will be unhindered for at least 12 months. Subsequent changes, if any, will be communicated in due course.
  • For those seeking alternatives, platforms like Bitfinex offer options to swap the aforementioned versions for other chain-supported assets.

In this ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Tether’s decision underscores the importance of adaptation, innovation, and forward-thinking, even as we respect and acknowledge past milestones.

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