CryptoMode USDT price Decline Tether

Tether is a very popular albeit controversial stablecoin project. The further expand the appeal of this project, the company will now issue USDT on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. 

It is not the first time Tether taps a new blockchain.

Another Blockchain for Tether

The issuance of USDT began on the OMNI blockchain.

Later on, both Ethereum and TRON were added as support. 

Adding Bitcoin Cash to this list is a very interesting decision.

That particular network has gotten a lot of negative attention lately.

Its proposed mining tax has not gone over well with the community.

Nor is the new proposal by the Bitcoin ABC team a big success. 

Even so, Tether apparently sees merit in taking this particular approach.

Why they opted for BCH instead of any of the other blockchains, will remain a mystery for some time to come.

So far, the news has not been confirmed by the Tether team as of yet.

Instead, only Roger Ver claims this is a “done deal”.

As such, the information needs to be taken with a few scoops of salt until there is official confirmation.

Assuming the news is true, it will only reinforce the dominance of Tether’s USDT.

Other stablecoins have not come close to threatening the undisputed leader so far.

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