Terra Classic (LUNC) founder incarcerated Toon Finance (TFT) flies to the Moon


Cryptocurrency is a fast paced world where millions are made and lost every second, that’s normal. This is the case for stocks, this is the case for ForEx, this is the case for businesses. That spectacle is Terra Classic LUNC


History of Terra Classic LUNC

How did Terra Classic LUNC start? Well, it was born out of the idea that you could use blockchain technology to create a stablecoin backed by commodities. The concept was that this token would move in relation to the price of gold and other precious metals, creating an asset whose value would remain relatively static compared to something like Bitcoin. 

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The coin launched on Ethereum with high hopes for the future, the coin was going to be used as a base for trading, allowing people to speculate on the prices of gold and silver in a stablecoin. But then it all came crashing down. 

In January 2019, Terra was delisted from exchanges due to inadequate liquidity. This resulted in a sharp decline in the price of LUNC. It seemed like it was only getting worse with Do Kwon, the former CEO (probably still the current CEO if some reports are to be believed) remain at large while being hunted down by law enforcement. 

But then, out of the ashes came something new, Terra Luna LUNA, unfortunately, this token isn’t much better. 

Terra Classic LUNC had an all time high price of $119.184624 and such a high price reflected all the hopes and dreams of holders and investors wanting to make a buck, but even worse, this price also reflected the support from actual believers of the platform.


Future plans for Terra Classic LUNC

Recently, Binance bought Terra Classic LUNC but whatever Binance’s plans for Terra Classic LUNC they are keeping close to their vest. 

People seem to be bullish for Terra Classic LUNC despite the fact that core issues that led to the disaster that caused a $100 token to go sub $0.0000xxx have not yet been addressed. It’s as if these people who are bullish on Terra Classic LUNC have forgotten that people lost millions of dollars on the platform and suddenly because the developers have plans to start some project on the platform, it’s all irrelevant and time to move on. 


Terra Classic LUNC lacks a coherent strategy

Terra Classic LUNC supposedly has a lot of plans, but the question is, what exactly are they? An even bigger question is, why is burning tokens at the center of their efforts to resurrect the coin’s value?

Burning tokens, a burn mechanism, or any type of method that “removes” a token from circulation supposedly permanently is definitely one way to improve prices. . . whether that one way is good or bad is yet to be determined but the people of Terra Classic LUNC is certainly willing to try it out for us. 

After all, governments all over the world burn money to control inflation right? 

While this is accurate, governments also mint money and if Terra Classic LUNC just mints more coins, or as they have already demonstrated, forks it, then what are people even doing?


Terra Classic LUNC is dead 

There is one fact that people supposedly “trying” to revive Terra Classic LUNC either have forgotten or want you to forget, no one wants the coin. 

If people want LUNC then what’s the point of burning? There’s no use for a burning mechanism if a token has actual value. Who the hell would burn their Bitcoin BTC? Only the Joker would do so, and only because the fictional character is literally insane! 

Creating artificial demand only favors those who have the majority of the tokens and can easily take advantage of small rise and fall of the token’s price. Everyone else who doesn’t know what’s happening or actually believes in the project will just have their money more than likely stuck in a token with at best, a questionable future, or as a science experiment by Binance before they ditch the token once they understand the long term effects of a burn mechanism.

At worst, it’s just a couple of rich dudes behind their screens spending money for hype to fool more people before dumping.


Why is Toon Finance soaring amidst the Terra Classic LUNC disaster?

Toon Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project built on the Ethereum network. This DeFi protocol is basically a platform where users can lend, borrow, trade and earn rewards all within one ecosystem. 

The main reason for its success is because it solves real world problems by providing access to actual financial services to anyone who didn’t have access before. Toon Finance has Toon Swap, a decentralized exchange made for trading token pairs in a secure, safe, and private manner without taking a custodial role. This means that what happened with FTX will never happen with Toon Finance’s Toon Swap, simply because they don’t take your money in the first place.


Terra Classic LUNC investors choose Toon Finance instead

While Toon Finance’s Toon Swap is a decentralized exchange and you understand this, centralized exchanges are not wallets. However  even if you leave your money on Toon Swap it won’t matter since the tokens are not stored anywhere but in your wallet, all you have to do is connect your wallet to Toonswap and you are ready to go.  

And even if Toon Swap goes down or service is affected somehow (must be a catastrophe if it can affect a decentralized structure) your tokens are still safe since you can just transfer them to another wallet, there is no need for permission or trust with Toon Swap.

Toon Swap, more than an exchange

Toon Swap also has a lot more features that encourage the movement of tokens on its platform. These are Space Farming and Space Battlegrounds. 

Space Farming

This is Toon Swap’s version of staking, it allows users to stake their tokens in a secure and trustless way, meaning that not only are your tokens secure but you also get rewards for staking them. This fosters stability which gives users confidence in using the platform for bigger and bigger trades.

Space Battlegrounds

This is Toon Swap’s version of playing games with their tokens. It allows users to participate in tournaments and other challenges where they can earn rewards by participating. Players and spectators alike can bet their tokens on the results of games and earn. A feature that might be impossible to find in another decentralized exchange. 

All of these are just the start, it is still early for Toon Finance that’s why Terra Classic LUNC investors are going in and supporting this project.

Website: https://toon.finance/

 Presale: https://buy.toon.finance/

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToonSwapFinance

 Telegram: https://t.me/ToonSwapFinance

 CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/toon-finance/


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