Terminating Weak Coins; Memeinator’s Presence in Lists of the Best Crypto to Invest In

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2023 will go down as the year of the meme coin renaissance. Established meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continue to have dedicated communities. Meanwhile, a new kid on the block, Pepe Coin, defied logic with incredible early gains despite having no inherent value. 2023 could also be remembered as the year of the meme coin resistance, as the Memeinator bids to become the best crypto to invest in this year.

With more than 570 meme coins battling for supremacy on the market, this lively new cryptocurrency aims to improve the quality of memes across the Web3 landscape by seeking and destroying weak meme coins with little or no future. Its goal? To hit a $1 billion market cap and end in total market domination.

What is the Memeinator?

Unlike James Dean, the Memeinator is a rebel with a cause. Its mission is to hit a $1 billion market cap and take over the meme coin sector. A lethal cocktail of exquisite marketing and AI technology is already building the Memeinator from the ground up, as with all great resistance movements in history.

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The Memeinator has a plan. With a growing army of followers marketing the project across the online community and onboarding other restless souls, its revolution will be launched from a solid foundation.

Programmed to target and destroy weaker meme coins, it is cleaning up the marketplace and asserting its domination. This combination marks the Memeinator as the new crypto most likely to take on the world and potentially become the best crypto to invest in this year.

Meanwhile, the community can indulge their Terminator fantasies by playing the platform’s Meme Warfare game. This exciting addition to the Memeinator’s ecosystem allows gamers to roam the meme coin landscape and pump limping meme coins full of lead on their way to global domination.

What makes the Memeinator different?

It would take a brave individual, or meme coin, to stand between the Memeinator and its goal of reaching $1 billion as soon as possible. Why? The Memeinator is a grassroots-led resistance movement led by those dissatisfied with the state of meme coins and wanting to support a hostile takeover.

In addition, the Memeinator has a broad appeal that extends beyond the cryptosphere to attract fans of a particular ‘90s action film franchise. Other interested parties include traders, market speculators, and people who love the thrill of taking risks.

How does the Memeinator work?

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the link between this new cryptocurrency and the famous ‘90s action film. Judgment Day, 29th August in the movie, was when the Memeinator began the 29-day countdown for the 29-stage Memeinator presale to launch. The token will be available at just $0.01 for eager investors to reserve from 27th September.

And what do investors get for their money? As well as the appeal of the fusion of a popular action film franchise and the power of the blockchain, the Memeinator relies on superb brand management to make waves in this hyper-competitive crypto sector.

Additionally, Memeinator will feature a game, Meme Warfare, allowing users to play as the Memeinator. The game will be powered by Memescanner, an AI technology that will scan the meme coin market to identify and eliminate weak memes to feed into the game. The AI engine’s insights provide players with a dynamic, ever-evolving, and unique gameplay experience that allows users to blast, run over, and blow up weak coins. The result? Increased user engagement and an unrivaled crypto gaming experience.

MMTR presale

27th September is the date marked on an increasing number of diaries as the date the MMTR presale finally launches. With momentum being generated between now and then, an eager scramble for the lowest-price tokens is anticipated on day one of the ICO.

Each of the 29 presale stages will see a price increase before it eventually hits $0.049 and lists on exchanges. A whopping 390% increase will be delivered before an MMTR token has been publicly traded for day-one investors.

And there’s more. To incentivize interested parties to grab their tokens as soon as possible, the Memeinator has announced a competition to see one lucky investor head into orbit with a trip into space with Virgin Galactic. Add deflationary tokenomics into the mix and quarterly token burns restricting overall supply, and it becomes quickly apparent why this new cryptocurrency is the talk of the cryptosphere.

The Memeinator is rated as a potential top crypto to buy now

The meme coin sector is currently a case of quantity over quality, making it difficult for investors to find the best picks. This is where the Memeinator comes in, recruiting disaffected meme fans by promising to improve the overall quality of the landscape while growing in strength itself.

With Judgment Day long gone, the countdown towards the MMTR token launch is on. With the Memescanner beginning to warm up, this presale event is expected to sell out in double-quick time. Interested parties must be on their toes to avoid missing out and potentially make more than 390% profits while being part of the resistance.

To get exclusive information on the presale and the Memeinator launch, sign up using the form on the Memeinator website.


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