The Art and Science of Telling Your Story

telling your story

Many say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Writing has always had a powerful impact on our society. Whether it was the words in the newspaper that captures the action of the most recent battle or your twitter update: we have always been fascinated with words. The power of telling your story is immense.

Many of us have tried our hands at writing. Who can blame us? Being able to put yourself in a world where you always come out on top is a very seductive proposition. Not only does writing about what we want to happen good for our mental health but it has been shown to increase retention rates by 22 times. Writers have also been proven to be able to handle emotions better than those who don’t write down their thoughts. The physical act of writing gives the writer the closure they need to deal with the problems and move on. It also helps them understand what happened to them and gives them the tools to prevent it in the future.

Writing is also a powerful form of self-reflection which can help give you clarity. If you have a problem and are able to write it down coherently then you are more likely to understand the solution. It also helps you concentrate on the problem on hand. By focusing on writing down the problem you are able to narrow it and find a solution quicker than if you were to process it verbally or with someone else. Being able to focus, b=makes writing a powerful tool for self-reflection as well.

Most importantly, writing can help you find success. The most successful people write down their goals and aspirations for their future. They write notes, self-reflections, and memos which all contribute to a successful future. While writing can seem like a simple solution to a litany of complex problems, it is one of the most powerful ways we can handle situations. Choosing to devote the time to writing is choosing to better yourself as a person and your life experience. It may be hard initially, but if you can pursue it, you won’t regret it.

The Secret Power of Telling Your Story

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