Telegram announced its own native blockchain TON some time ago. After running into some issues with governing agencies, things had gone relatively quiet regarding this project. 

In the most recent update, some interesting tidbits have been provided.

Telegram Won’t Contribute to TON Development

First of all, the TON blockchain is still moving along according to plan. 

The native currency, called Grams, however, is still subject to some debate.

Given the current regulatory requirements and government scrutiny, it is only normal that Telegram did not offer too many details regarding the progress. 

At this time, no one can buy or sell Grams. 

That is only to be expected, even though some platforms claim they will allow users to do exactly that.

Telegram has now officially confirmed that all of these platforms are completely fake and need to be avoided. 

As far as the TON blockchain is concerned, there will be some degree of decentralization.

That also means that any further development of products and services on top of this blockchain will need to be taken care of by the community itself.

Telegram is not making any commitments to develop any features or make active contributions to the blockchain itself. 

This is somewhat similar to how bitcoin operates, although comparing TON with the world’s leading cryptocurrency is rather moot.


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