TeamToken’s Slam Dunk Presale: New Era of Digital Ownership and Real-World Rewards


Discover a world where sports ownership meets blockchain innovation. TeamToken offers digital ownership of real-world sports teams and grants owners cash rewards when they win matches, forever! It is a fresh perspective on fan engagement. Join the game-changer now!

Reviewing the Exclusive Presale

As the world of sports and blockchain converge, a groundbreaking opportunity awaits both sports enthusiasts and cryptocurrency aficionados. With TeamToken, fans can become ‘digital owners’ of their favorite sports teams and earn cash rewards whenever their team wins, forever! The much-anticipated and recently-concluded TeamToken presale was a huge success, raising over $75,000 USD from fans excited to get involved in digital sports ownership. This presale marked the beginning of an exciting journey that is now transforming the very essence of sports fandom.

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Prominent Milestones

• August 28 – September 1, 2023: The successful TeamToken presale was a prime opportunity to become an early adopter and a part of history.

Markus Javor, the Founder and CEO of TeamToken, said on this occasion, “We raised an astounding 45 ETH, (~$75,000 USD) for the presale.  After the presale, we saw immediate growth and interest in the project as our market cap soared to over $1,000,000 in just a few days – a true testament in the public’s believe in TeamToken’s plans to integrate blockchain into the sports world.”

• September 4, 2023 grand launch of the TeamNFT marketplace and ecosystem, granting fans the power to buy and trade TeamNFTs of their favorite NFL teams, ushering in a new era of sports engagement.

• Over 6 of the biggest global sports leagues in the world will be live in the TeamToken marketplace by the end of October, 2023, including NHL, NBA, The Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga, providing fans of all sports to start getting involved in the future of digital sports ownership.


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Upgrading Fan Engagement

TeamToken does not stop at ownership. It is committed to enhancing the fan experience. Planned future enhancements include exclusive perks and utilities such as live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with beloved athletes and immersive real-world interactions with teams. This evolution exemplifies TeamToken’s innovative trajectory, revolutionizing not only ownership but also the way fans connect with their teams.

Harmonious Blend of Sports, Cryptocurrencies, and NFTs

TeamToken pioneers a harmonious fusion of sports, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. By purchasing TeamToken’s NFTs, fans become digital owners, earningTeamToken rewards linked to their team’s real-world performance which can be converted into cash or more TeamNFTs.

Solution to Age-Old Challenges

Despite the fervor of sports fandom, fans have historically received little financial return for their dedication. TeamToken is changing the game. Unlike traditional betting platforms, it offers continuous rewards linked to long-term team performance season after season. Transparency, thanks to blockchain, erases doubt, ensuring that every interaction is fair, immutable, and secure.

Market Ready for Disruption

With a global sports market valued at over $500 billion and a thriving NFT market, TeamToken is poised to seize a significant market share in the view of its recent successful presale followed by the significant market cap of $1,000,000. Its appeal extends beyond sports fans, encompassing cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and even skeptics. The stage is set for fans to start an exciting voyage that transcends passive spectating and becomes a symphony of ownership, rewards, and limitless possibilities. Welcome to the future of sports engagement – welcome to TeamToken.









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