Tautrino Completes its Private Sale in 3 Days Without Any Marketing

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Scarcity and exclusivity are driving factors in the search for alternative investment options. A lower overall supply and higher demand allow for certain assets to appreciate in value. Tautrino (TAU) is designed to create an elastic quasi-quantum simulated currency capable of withstanding hyperinflation and hyperdeflation. 

Making an impact on current financial markets is done by cautiously balancing supply and demand for financial stability. Doing so is often easier said than done. Current financial systems rely on an elastic supply-driven approach, benefiting the “established order” and being detrimental to everyone else. Now is the time to address the need for systematic and reliable types of currencies.

Tautrino is, by far, the most exclusive cryptocurrency to ever be created. It is scarce, like Bitcoin, but offers a completely different appeal. This new cryptocurrency will not suffer from hyperinflation or hyperdeflation,, like more traditional cryptocurrencies. Instead, it is designed to create an equilibrium where the value of the TAU asset is concerned.

Part of this approach relies on the limited supply, or exclusivity aspect of Tautrino. It is aided by rebasing or debasing the TAU asset on a regular basis. As the need for stable currencies is on the rise – especially given the DeFi craze and its fluctuations – Tautrino is in a prime position to introduce stability to decentralized finance. 

Not an Asset to be Flipped for Profit

At its core, Tautrino allowed for a currency rebase or debase once per hour, or up to 24 times per day. Every change will affect all TAU holders equally. This also removes the option of flipping TAU for a quick profit, as no one can accurately predict if the next action will be a debase or rebase. 

It is possible to achieve a 100% profit for holding TAU, or going back to its base value every hour. This creates a sense of calculated risk, while maintaining its exclusivity aspect. Holders of the token can leave the network at any time by exchanging their tokens or gifting them to other network participants. 

Tautrino Rebasing and Debasing

When a rebase occurs for Tautrino, it adjusts the supply throughout the entire network. The quantity of coins in every individual wallet will be adjusted based on one’s percentage-based stake compared to the overall TAU supply at the time. No user will be cut down of ownership unless they give up their share of the network of their own free will. 

Assuming the outcome of the rebase is positive, the entire supply of TAU will be increased by a factor of 2. This will still maintain the exclusive nature of the asset, as the total supply will increase to just 300 in the process. It is possible for this process to keep repeating itself if no loss is generated. 

In the event of a debase, all balances across the network will return to 300. This does not affect the percentage-based ownership factor for individual users, though. Users will still own the same amount of coins based on the total supply, but the visual quantity will be different. 

Successful Private Sale Without Marketing

The exclusivity appeal of Tautrino has allowed the project to complete its private sale in quick succession. Prominent cryptocurrency enthusiasts and community leaders have found their way to this project. All of them see merit in what is being provided by Tautrino, and how it can affect the DeFi scene in the future. 

Current and former representatives of Alphabit Fund, Bella protocol, AU21  Capital, Huawei Technologies have expressed support for Tautrino.  

Even though little effort was spent on marketing or promotional activities, the private sale amount was sold out before it could actually begin. After selecting individual participants, it took 3 days to raise 810 ETH, which awarded 45% of the entire supply. 

A public sale for the broader public is in the pipelines and will launch in the near future. Allowing for more users to participate in this ongoing social experiment will strengthen the position of Tautrino as the most exclusive cryptocurrency on the market.

Following powerful engagement, Tautrino will become the first luxury, highly valued brand with a strong community and a strong cause. 

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