Tabletop meets NFTs and the Metaverse: how canVERSE makes board games more relevant in the digital age


The rise of NFTs has paved the way for a new era of games and gamers utilising Web3’s decentralised ecosystems.

First, NFTs are unique digital assets whose ownership can be checked by anyone, making them perfect for use in games as digital items that can be traded and sold between players.

Second, the Metaverse and Web3 are interoperable by design, which stops the silo approach of Web2. Stuff works everywhere, not just in certain places.

These two things combined create new gameplay mechanics, including giving players ownership of their in-game items that can be used across different games.

canVERSE puts a spin on timeless games

canVERSE has improved the experience of timeless board games by developing a hyper-realistic shared gaming metaverse. Currently, three board games are included: backgammon, checkers and chess, with more coming soon. canVERSE enables up to 64 players per room to seamlessly connect in real-time over desktop PC, Augmented and Virtual Reality with voice chat.

Whilst at heart canVERSE aims to host really good looking tabletop games, its true purpose is to connect friends and communities globally in an immersive, totally interoperable shared environment,” shares canVERSE’s CEO Barn Cleave.

canVERSE is free to download and play on Steam.

NFTs as board game pieces

NFT collectors also have the chance to showcase their wider collection, as canVERSE verifies ownership by linking to the Ethereum blockchain. Players can use their digital assets in several games by adding their public wallets on the canVERSE website, allowing them in-game to layer their NFT’s image on top of their in-game piece.

10,000 exclusive canVERSE NFTs are also coming soon. NFT collectors and crypto-gamers can look forward to benefits like:

  1. Unique chess sets
  2. Extra backgammon & checkers skins
  3. Additional play environments
  4. Future airdrops of tabletop sets
  5. Epic editions of partner game pieces

canVERSE NFT owners will receive future exclusive NFTs and in-game content and become founding members of the canVERSE community.

About canVERSE

canVERSE is a London-based development studio whose team has over 60 years of experience in the industry. They specialise in developing creative and fun interactive experiences with cutting-edge technology through AR and VR, and are committed to building games in the rapidly expanding Web3 and Metaverse space. canVERSE believes in establishing shared gaming environments that are fully compatible with blockchain and crypto technology.

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