Syscoin and CorionX Join Forces to Improve Stablecoin Adoption

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Syscoin remains a very versatile project, yet one that gets very little recognition. Together with CorionX, the goal is to push stablecoin adoption to new levels. Addressing blockchain market interoperability remains an absolute necessity. 

Syscoin and CorionX Have a Clear Plan

Both Corion and Syscoin have a non-profit foundation, which are now working together.

Focusing on blockchain market interoperability remains crucial, as the ecosystem remains rather fractured.

Both foundations share the same vision of providing global access to safe and low-cost Open Finance solutions.

Several campaigns will be organized to educate and spread awareness regarding stablecoins.

Several business development initiatives will launch in the coming weeks as well.

Considering how Ethereum remains problematic in terms of scaling and costs, other solutions have to be explored.

It has been a good network for stablecoins and DeFi transactions, but those congest the network even further.

As Ethereum 2.0 is still at least a month away, stablecoin projects need to tap into different solutions.

Syscoin’s Z-DAG Protocol is a viable option, as it offers cheaper and faster transactions.

Corion is intent on exploring the Syscoin Bridge to support CorionX’s ERC-20 token.

This integration will also yield support for more stablecoins and DeFi tokens on the Ethereum network. 

All of this will, hopefully, result in a more efficient and beneficial economy.

Interoperability remains a key issue in the space, but it is something that can be addressed through key partnerships.

CorionX will design the framework for education, expansion, and promotion for stablecoins, CBDCs, savings, lending, DeFi, and Open Finance.

Syscoin provides the necessary technology to achieve compliance, cheap fees, and fast transfers. 

CorionX is currently int he process of running its third IEO round for the CORX token.

This is organized through the Probit Launchpad, with CORX being sold for $0.015. 

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