Synthetix Network (SNX) and IOTA (MIOTA) Investors Consider Other Projects as Bears Prevail Over Markets


Synthetix Network ($SNX) and IOTA ($MIOTA) holders have faced diminishing returns over the past few months. The value of both assets has plummeted following bear action. Holders of these two coins have been looking at other projects that could post better returns in the long-term.

An upcoming and newly launched cryptocurrency real estate, The Hideaways ($HDWY) could serve as a better bet and help in recovering losses. Its great utility and dual income make it a decent bet for the medium to long-term as analysts expect prices to continue rising making it a star investment for 2023.

Synthetix Network ($Synthetix Network) Holders Rush To Exit As Price Bleeds Continuously

Synthetix Network (SNX) allows users to trade assets without requiring them to purchase and hold the real asset. It allows users to min synthetic version of other tokens easily. It is used widely in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. The SNX Token registered a huge price rise in the past and attracted many long-term investors. 

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However, Synthetix Network investors have faced heavy losses over the past few months. Synthetix Network is down by 27.19% over the last month, 73.65% in the past year, and even worse, -45.34% over the past two years. 

Experts closely monitoring the asset have pointed out that many Synthetix Network holders are now planning an exit to look for better assets that can help them in recovering their losses. 

A newly launched project The Hideaways ($HDWY) could help Synthetix Network Token register some positive returns. It also allows passive income generation and has already attracted many buyers during the presale phase. 

IOTA ($MIOTA) Down By Over 79.18% in The Past Year 

As of the time of writing, IOTA’s market price is $0.29, which is -18.44% since last month. IOTA (MIOTA) was launched to power the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and works on a proprietary technology known as Tangle. It is a fee less network that allows huge scalability and lightning fast transactions. The MIOTA Token had registered a huge price rise in the past but investors have faced negative returns for much of the past year. 

MIOTA is down by 32.91% from its all time high price of $4.80. Many IoT beleivers are busy selling their MIOTA holdings to look for greener pastures. There are many new blockchain platforms that could help IOTA users regain green candles in their portfolio. 

Get Passive Income And Exposure To Real Estate through The Hideaways ($HDWY) 

The cryptoverse has been taken over by a new and upcoming project known as The Hideaways ($HDWY). The platform allows even small investors to gain exposure to passive incomes through real estate. It has great fundamentals and its unique ability to generate income from properties make it a better asset than MIOTA and Synthetix Network. Here’s some more information about this new project:

  • Investment in real estate at low costs
  • Tokenization of real estate assets through NFTs
  • Audited project and team will unveil themselves at a global event

The Hideaways allows small investors to get exposure to the real estate sector and with a presale price of $0.01, even retail users can enjoy the benefits of income from properties. Many analysts have predicted a rise of 4000% and a bullish long-term scenario for the $HDWY Token. 

If you are looking for better returns and have faced losses in MIOTA and Synthetix Network, head over to The Hideaways presale through the links below.





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