Swyftx Introduces “Earn and Learn”: Australia’s New Crypto Education Initiative

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Australia’s leading crypto exchange, Swyftx, is poised to launch a pioneering “Earn and Learn” crypto education platform on Sept. 6. With the surge in crypto-related scams, this initiative couldn’t come at a better time.

Educate to Regulate: The Swyftx Mission

Tom Matthews, the esteemed head of corporate affairs at Swyftx, emphasizes the mission behind this initiative. The core objective is dual-pronged: empower the public with crucial knowledge, and curtail the risks of falling prey to scam coins.

“Our vision,” Matthews elaborates, “is to prime the public with insights until the industry reaches full regulation.”

What sets this platform apart is its practical approach. Users will be guided on recognizing various scams. These include dubious tokens, misleading social media traps, and notorious pump-and-dump strategies. Matthews asserts:

“While cryptocurrency scams are real, many so-called ‘crypto scams’ are merely traditional scams with a digital veneer.”

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Courses won’t just stop at identifying scams. They will arm users with a concise checklist to gauge token viability. This checklist will probe:

  • Founding team’s credibility
  • Tokenomics‘ robustness
  • Any project pitfalls
  • VC backing’s stature
  • Financial and tokenomic health
  • Clear comprehension of project objectives

Crypto Education: A Rising Demand

Swyftx, boasting a remarkable customer base of 660,000, has discerned an increasing appetite for crypto education, especially in bear markets.

To incentivize learning, Swyftx is offering rewards. The first 4,000 learners to master the fundamental analysis course will earn five Australian dollars ($3.20) in Bitcoin. The total potential reward per user over a year? A whopping 100 Australian dollars ($64.30).

Matthews anticipates a staggering 80,000 Australians joining this initiative, driven by Australia’s grassroots crypto movement. He states, “Knowledge will power the next market cycle. The public’s discernment about token scams has matured post the Terra/Luna incidents.”

Global Trend: Crypto Education with Incentives

Swyftx isn’t the only player in this space. Internationally, heavyweight exchanges like Coinbase have rolled out akin educational platforms with crypto rewards. Binance, too, has hopped on this bandwagon through its Academy section.

For instance, Coinbase Earn, launched in late 2018, rewarded users with altcoins like ZRX, ZTX, GRT, and COMP for undertaking succinct asset-related courses. However, its popularity often meant it was oversubscribed.

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