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SwissBlock is a multichain exchange to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat with zero fees in a highly scalable ecosystem. The ecosystem also includes a crypto bank to securely hold the users’ digital assets. SwissBlock Exchange offers regulated services for the users through mobile and desktop, irrespective of their trade volume and geo-location. Equipped with a user-friendly and comprehensive interface, SwissBlock is a robust platform that is now the core need of every crypto enthusiast.

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain known which has thousands of tokens, NFT projects, and blockchain games living on it. Ethereum, however, is plagued by scalability issues and higher fees. Ethereum TPA (Transaction Per Second) is 15 which is making the entire network congested and those in the queue have to pay higher fees to prioritize their transaction. The gas fees could be as higher as $50.

This is a popular belief that Ethereum fees encourage crypto exchanges to charge high trading fees from traders for trading on their platforms. We started getting new players in the market claiming to charge lesser fees. However, the problem of transaction speeds was the issue that remained pretty much unsolved. In scalability, the speed and security were vice versa. If you increase the speed of the network, you are compromising its security of it by making it more centralized. And if you try to keep the platform centralized, you’re ultimately compromising the number of transactions per second. Crypto platforms like to play with these options according to their preferred choices.

After aptly addressing the issue of Scalability, the next major challenge was the higher commission fees charged by the crypto exchanges that were bothering everyone, particularly the big crypto players. Some Exchanges offer lesser commission fees however, tackling high traffic and large trading volumes is still a challenge. SwissBlock Exchange takes the lead by offering ZERO Commissions on any trade volume in any geo-location. The Ecosystem of SwissBlock has matured itself in a way that it derives an income stream to make the exchange functional without charging users any kind of fees. To make it even more lucrative, the platform has equipped itself with advanced real-time charts and added top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB. 

Besides charging zero fees, SwissBlock plans to provide credit cards to all the users in the US, EU, and the UK for faster and secure crypto to fiat transactions and vice versa. These purpose-built cards will cryptocurrency transactions easier and will attract more people into the crypto space. SwissBlock includes all the basic to advance tools that any crypto or classic stock exchange requires. The SwissBlock platform enables traders to trade both cryptocurrencies and stocks on the platform with an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of crypto trading tools. 

Be it Futures Trade, Margin Trade, Spot Trade, staking with high APY (Annual Percentage Yield), or even Stock Trade – SwissBlock is the one multifunctional platform you need. The US, EU, and the UK are the countries where people find it difficult to trade cryptocurrencies, particularly leveraged trading (Futures and Margin). There are only a few options to choose from and they charge hefty fees to trade on their platform. Additionally, none of the exchanges offer as many options as SwissBlock. SwissBlock adopts the regulatory trends and local laws to keep offering its services in almost all countries. Moving your funds from one platform to other can be tricky and it gets even trickier if you are a newbie. SwissBlock, the contra mix of crypto bank and exchange, has made it feasible to do all kinds of trades on its platform with absolutely Zero fees.

With crypto to fiat and vice versa trades, Credit cards in the US, EU, and the UK will transform the payment systems and this might prove more secure than P2P (pair-to-pair) trades to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat. The exchange-issued credit card viability will pioneer a trend in the crypto space and will be attracting a lot more attention from crypto enthusiasts. 

Securing users’ funds is the first priority of SwissBlock and for this purpose, the system undergoes various rigorous testing the security is proven by the multiple independent audits. Being a crypto bank and exchange, there is a dire need for multi-layered security to provide a secure and growing ecosystem.

SwissBlock launch is approaching at pivotal times when the cryptocurrency market is growing apace and people around the world are desperately waiting for a regulated platform that has all the advanced options to trade. The platform envisions making cryptocurrency trades seamless, commission-free, and super secure for experienced traders as well as crypto newbies. Since the Exchange complies with the regulatory request, it will experience wide adoption and will make the world’s first global community that trades, invests, and stores cryptocurrency with trust and security on a single platform. 

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