The potential of blockchain technology for educational purposes is well-known, especially given the multitude of projects that exist within this domain. It is now being reported that the University of Basel, Switzerland, is planning to leverage the power of the Ethereum blockchain, for registering course completion certificates.

                                             A Two-in-One Solution

The accreditation platform will be developed by the University of Basel’s Centre for Innovative Finance (CIF), in collaboration with Proxeus, a blockchain start-up. The project will feature two main uses – firstly, a tool for the CIF that will be used for creating and registering academic certificates onto the blockchain network, while the second will allow students and potential employers to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted certificates.

In a recent press statement, Dr. Fabian Schär, the managing director for the CIF, mentioned that:

By securing credentials on the Blockchain, we provide an extra layer of security for graduates and potential employers. These credentials can’t be faked and can be easily verified online.”

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He then went on to add that

“It will introduce a new paradigm of security and offer value to all parties – employers don’t lose time checking credentials, graduates have an edge, and the institutions themselves reduce their reputational risk and a significant administrative burden.”

According to the university, the initial prototype of the course accreditation system will be tested by creating completion certificates for the CIF’s very own blockchain course.

While the University of Basel is the first educational institution in Switzerland to adopt such a system, numerous other universities are exploring this technology as well— including institutions such as MIT, the University of Melbourne etc.

Based on these aspects, what are your thoughts on academic institutions leveraging blockchain technology, and offering digital certificates for students? Let us know in the comment section.

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