SW DAO partnership with MarketPeak generated $400,000 in profit

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SW DAO formed a partnership with MarketPeak in December 2021, resulting in a profit of $400,000 for the 2,000 members of the MarketPeak platform. SW DAO, the leading decentralized investment bank that provides structured investment products, has partnered with MarketPeak, a blockchain community for passive income earners.  

During SW’s seed investment round, MarketPeak and SW DAO discussed this long and fantastic partnership of providing utility to both ecosystems. 

What is this partnership about?  

In this collaboration that has occurred since November, both companies have direct synergies from the SW DAO trading strategy product line to the large userbase of investors on MarketPeak. And as their partnership progresses, both platforms will provide distinct assets inside the DeFi market, and when combined, they will boost each platform’s native tokens, SWD and PEAK, through cash flow generation and performance fee passthrough 

When they talked about the cooperation, the two came up with the idea of building an environment where Main Street investors could compete with Wall Street’s giants. It’s no secret that the DeFi and Wealth Management businesses have long had significant entry hurdles, whether it’s due to net-worth requirements or a lack of comprehension of sophisticated language and technology that frequently perplexes the average person.  

When inexperienced investors try to beat the market by day trading, they are frequently faced with liquidation events or margin calls, which can wipe out their whole capital. This partnership eliminates the previously high obstacles to investment success.  

MarketPeak was designed to provide users with access to a passive income stream.  

SW DAO has demonstrated a track record of offering financial services that lessen the stress of investing for the typical person since mid-2020.  

Combining these two companies’ assets will provide enormous possibilities for regular investors who are up against tough odds to outperform the market.  

What is SW DAO? 

SW DAO began their adventure in 2016 when a group of students from the same college decided to merge their backgrounds and create the ideal environment for cryptocurrency users. Their goal is to democratize finance by utilizing their knowledge and experience to level the playing field between institutional/professional traders and average investors. 

In DeFI, they want to become the industry leader and go-to source for structured products and derivatives. They take a straightforward approach, introducing Machine Learning and Quantitative Analysis to the crypto markets providing passive income opportunities to investors that consistently outperform the market. 

What’s next?  

The collaboration between SW DAO and MarketPeak will not stop here, this collaboration is a good example for many platforms that need help in building passive income streams for their current investors or ecosystem members. SW DAO is here to provide everything you need to product cash flow for your DeFi community. Their vision is that SW DAO will become the go-to destination for all structured products and derivatives in DeFI. 

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