Sustainable Crypto Investments That Could Pull Retail Investors: Big Eyes Coin Another Eco-Friendly Coin Soon to Join Market


For investors trying to find sustainable investments, they will not have to look beyond cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Not all cryptocurrencies and digital assets are purely profit-centered. There are plenty of eco-friendly crypto investments that will hopefully land your portfolio in the green.

C+ Charge: The Payment App Offering A New Presale

Using DeFi technology, C+ Charge is a payment app you can use to charge your electric vehicle. The payment app aims to make EV charging an effective and transparent process. More and more people are turning to electric vehicles as a suitable choice for their next car.

The platform uses a utility token, CCHG, with which EV owners can pay for charging costs. Buying electricity for any EV with CCHG carries token benefits such as carbon credits which can be used to offset your carbon footprint or even your travel.

C+ Charge provides easy access to charging stations through its technology, making it useful to anybody who wants to take a trip and make sure they don’t run out of fuel. It also provides accurate pricing of electricity, allowing consumers to fill their cars up during periods of lower energy prices.

The presale is ongoing and interested buyers can join in for a price of $0.013 USDT per token. The token’s value is expected to rise over three more stages to a maximum of $0.02350.

Environmental Buyers Turn To Nano

Bitcoin operates on a heavy energy bill. Under its proof of work system, miners race against each other to form a transactional block, expending large amounts of electricity in the process. This makes it an unsustainable investment. By 2026 Bitcoin miners in texas alone, if they continue to operate, will consume electricity 4 times the whole of New York city.

Nano is an altcoin and a suitable alternative for anyone who does not want to pay huge fees as part of transaction costs. This is because the electricity-conscious crypto operates on the Open Representative Voting System, a less energy-intensive model compared to Bitcoin’s proof of work system.

According to its website, Users of the Nano token have to pay nothing to send or receive money. An eco-friendly alternative, Nano does not rely on mining, printing, or minting to generate new coins. It works both in local and international transactions, making it an efficient crypto-currency to own for sending money.

Environmentally-conscious buyers may find Nano a suitable investment that falls in line with their values.

What Is Unique About New Crypto Big Eyes Coin?

Fresh to the crypto market, Big Eyes is a new meme coin that offers huge upside to interested buyers. The cryptocurrency is a defi-owned community coin that features adorable designs of cats, which will be distributed as NFTs on its network.

Big Eyes is a sustainable crypto investment, offering 5% of its tokens towards reviving the ocean’s health.

Big Eyes has raised $17.59 million in the 9th stage of its limited-time presale, showing considerable investment and interest in the coin on the part of investors. 1 USDT will net you 2592.59 Big Eyes.

Big Eyes is offering a 200% bonus if you use promo code “LAUNCHBIGEYES200”. That nets a Big Eyes buyer $300 for an investment of $100 in Big Eyes’ tokens.


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