How Sustainability and Recommerce Go Hand in Hand

sustainability and recommerce

Given the lightning speed increase in ecommerce demand everywhere, it’s time for us to be more responsive citizens when it comes to sustainability. One way that ecommerce has been thriving in this regard is the pre-owned market – what some have been referring to as recommerce. Buying and selling pre-owned clothes, electronics, and other items is a simple step towards sustainability that anyone can accomplish. Last year alone, sales of pre-owned electronics and apparel on just on the eBay network conserved 720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions.

eBay in particular is stepping things up when it comes to sustainability. By the year 2025, eBay will create $3 billion in positive economic impact as well as preventing an additional 3 million metric tons of carbon emissions. How? By selling pre-owned electronics and apparel.

Learn more about how sustainability and recommerce go hand in hand in the following report and visual deep dive infographic, courtesy of eBay:

eBay sustainability and recommerce

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