SushiSwap Raises the bar for DeFi Smart Contract Security

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In the decentralized finance industry, there are a lot of potential issues to watch out for. Many projects have unaudited code and no fail-safe in case something happens. SushiSwap is a different creature, as it has some unique parts in the code that have gone by largely unnoticed. 

The Emergency Withdraw Function

Going through lines of smart contract code is a daunting task. A lot of non-developers will not explore this option, because it is fairly complicated. Understanding what is written within the code is often impossible unless one knows what to look for exactly.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people who will go through the code and point out some unique features. In the case of SushiSwap, there is a lot of interesting code to take a closer look at.

One such piece of code is known as the Emergency Withdraw Function. It is not something that should be triggered lightly, but it certainly has its benefits. Because of this code, users can withdraw their funds locked for SUSHI farming if the platform itself would encounter a critical bug.

This ensures all of the staked LP tokens are safe from harm, giving users a higher degree of control compared to competing platforms.

Adding this piece of code is significant, for different reasons. Given how other smart contracts have seen their fair share of bugs in the past, protecting users’ funds is crucial. Introducing this extra layer of protection is a big deal. While it is unlikely this ever needs to be triggered, it is better to be safe than sorry.

SushiSwap Protects User Funds

Considering how billions of dollars in LP tokens can be staked through SushiSwap eventually, it is necessary to beef up overall security. This extra function in the code is just one example of how things can be done. It is crucial for more smart contract -based projects to explore additional security options. Writing extra functions in a contract designed to keep user funds is never a bad idea. 

Evolving the security nature of smart contracts is crucial. Too many incidents have occurred without any recourse. In a lot of cases, the potential money earned by launching a DeFi solution takes precedence over keeping users’ funds safe. SushiSwap is certainly on the right track in this regard. It also goes to show this is a project that can be trusted with one’s funds. That can’t be said of many other DeFi platforms in existence today.

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