According to a study conducted by Coinbase, more and more university students within the United States are flocking towards cryptocurrency and blockchain oriented study courses.

The survey took into consideration the opinions of more than 650 students and found that an increasing number of young adults were interested in learning about blockchain technology and digital currencies.

In this regard, Bill Maurer from the University of California Irvine added:

“Students today are really thinking deeply about economic issues and alternative economic futures. Teaching about this kind of stuff now can be really powerful for students that are trying to find their own way and envision what kind of possible alternatives there might be to the prevailing economic system.”

Interest Is Not Limited to Computer Science Students

Another interesting point worth looking at is that this increasing interest towards the crypto sector is coming from a wide array of students and not just those studying computer sciences or economics.

For example, nearly 47% of social science students were found to be interested in digital currencies as compared to 34% of CS and engineering majors.

When addressing the issue of why so many students within the social sciences are interested in cryptocurrencies, Maurer added:

“There’s a huge demand out there, especially in the design space, for people that have the skills that we train anthropologists with, understanding the human side of technology.”

International Interest Continues to Surge

While universities such as Cornell, Stanford continue to attract students with their novel blockchain oriented courses, other universities across the globe, especially in Australia, Singapore are also catering to this growing interest towards the alt-asset domain.

Dan Boneh, a Professor at the University of Stanford, believes that the widespread appeal of such courses will only continue as time progresses. He also added:

“It’s a pretty exciting time. It [really] feels like the beginning of something big.”

Final Thoughts

This study by Coinbase clearly demonstrates the pull that the crypto sector currently possesses with the youth. While older financial players like Warren Buffet and Jordan Belfort continue to dismiss cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology, the fact that so many young people are flocking towards this burgeoning field only goes to show the true potential of this space.

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