Survey Confirms Xbox Gamers Ooze Toxicity, Verbal Aggression Among Nintendo users is High

CryptoMode Xbox Gaming Toxicity

Gauging the “toxicity” levels of video game enthusiasts is always a fun challenge. Recent research by Top10casinos pains an interesting picture. In their findings, Xbox users are clearly more hostile compared to PlayStation counterparts. 

Toxicity and Video Games

People can be very cruel to one another over the internet. The more competitive the environment the people are in, the worse the comments are when they are uttered. It is not just about verbal aggression or hostility anymore. In a lot of cases, there is a fair bit of physical aggression and genuine anger to contend with. Taking out those frustrations often results in throwing and breaking things, if not worse. 

As one would expect, competitive video games are not helping matters much. Playing games online can be fun, but in a lot of cases, it’s about beating the competition. Several games have been identified to bring out the worst in people, with some surprising names on the list. Video games should never be judged by their cover, after all.

Games Oozing Toxicity

First-person shooters are clearly catalysts for online aggression. Not only do they yield more verbal and physical aggression, but also anger and overall hostility. Battlefield and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare illustrate this point perfectly. Playing against others in an environment where survival is crucial can bring out the worst in a lot of people. 

The same applies to FIFA, as football is a competitive sport by default. With more tournaments popping up and players looking to improve their skills online, the associated toxicity is on the rise as well. It’s not as bad as the shooters, but the overall hostility tends to be off the charts. 

Surprisingly, Animal Crossing ranks ahead of Grand Theft Auto Online. It has more physical and verbal aggression, albeit lower anger and hostility. People are very protective of their islands and progress in the game, by the look of things. Making friends is crucial in this game, yet not everyone sees it that way.

Xbox Players are top of the Class

Another remarkable statistic is how Xbox players display far more toxicity. They rank highest for all aspects, with physical aggression and verbal aggression being extremely high. It is far worse compared to PlayStation or Nintendo users, with PC gamers and mobile gamers coming in last.  

The verbal aggression among Nintendo players remains surprising, although it still ranks the lowest of all platforms. For a family-friendly gaming ecosystem, these aggressive emotions are not something one would associate with the Nintendo brand. 

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