The Supplement Industry Is Booming

supplements industry

Over half of all consumers around the world take some kind of supplement or vitamin every day, with growth indicating that it’s not stopping there. In the US, that number goes even higher with over 70% of Americans taking vitamins every day and with some demographics and locations having over 80% taking vitamins. This growth has been seen on a wide variety of different products in the vitamin and supplement space. This growth is especially seen in specialty supplements, sports nutrition supplements, and weight management supplements.


This new growth has been spurred on by new scientific backing for new ingredients and new blends. Vitamins have proven to improve physiological, cognitive, and functional outcomes. Pre-workout supplements are shown to reduce injuries during workouts and improve performance.

The supplement and vitamin industry is about to hit a global value of $100 billion. Make sure you know it inside and out here.


The Big Business of Supplements

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