Stylometry can Help Identify Satoshi Nakamoto, Charles Hoskinson Claims

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For some reason, people are still eager to figure out who Satoshi Nakamoto really is. The creator of Bitcoin has opted to remain anonymous for  a reason, and those wishes should be respected.

Despite that aspect, an Ethereum co-founder is confident he has come up with another clue regarding Satoshi Nakamoto.

Another Satoshi Nakamoto “Clue” 

According to Charles Hoskinson, the use of stylometry is a clue.

This term refers to something who is educated in British or American English, and is an academic.

That doesn’t exactly narrow down the field of possible suspects by any means.

For years now, people have proposed how Satoshi is well-versed in English, probably an academic, and  would be at least 40 years old by now.

As such, it is evident that this “search” is far from over.

Nor do the clues provided by Hoskinson add much new information to the case.

One interesting aspect is how this same stylometry is present in Satoshi’s original code for Bitcoin.

If that same type of code is found in other open source projects around today, finding the creator of Bitcoin suddenly becomes a different story.

Even so, one has to wonder what happens when the creator of Bitcoin has been found out.

It shouldn’t matter in the slightest who is responsible for the next generation of money.

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