StreamCoin’s 1st Anniversary: A Year Filled With Achievements and Milestones


StreamCoin, a blockchain company with an NFT and streaming-focused ecosystem, is celebrating its first anniversary by highlighting all its achieved milestones. Within a single year, the company was able to develop a complete set of products and services, providing many utilities for its users with a token listed on 115+ exchanges.

According to its blog, StreamCoin started on August 1, 2021. Its inception was by a team with a shared vision of blockchain’s potential in creating a space where creators, artists, and other users can interact freely from anywhere in the world.

After its seed funding, StreamCoin accelerated the development of its core products: the STRMNFT marketplace for video NFTs; the MeiTalk platform for video multi-streaming; and the Stream Chain network (Mainnet).

StreamCoin moved fast to prepare its ecosystem for global adoption, focusing on many aspects to make STRM — its primary token — accessible to everyone worldwide. To achieve this, the company built many partnerships with other blockchain firms, including Real Research, Metabase Network, Daoverse Capital, WeBlock, and most notably, TNC Group.

In late March, after nearly two months of starting its public sale (ICO), StreamCoin sponsored a platinum booth at the Dubai-based World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC) 2022. This crypto and metaverse-focused event gathered 30,000+ industry insiders, influencers, artists, and other attendees from around the globe. 

At WLSC 2022, the company revealed the Alpha version of MeiTalk to the public along with the first preview of STRMNFT. After the public sale closed on April 30, it was able to achieve its soft cap by raising $11.7 million from individual participants along with another 200 million STRM corporate ICO participation from TNC Group.

During the first week of May, StreamCoin launched the STRM Staking portal with exclusive high-return plans for its participants. Furthermore, a swapping service called Stream Bridge was launched, making STRM compatible with four other blockchains. 

The listing for STRM started a few days after. Over 100+ centralized and decentralized exchanges listed the token simultaneously, breaking an industry record and making STRM available to millions worldwide.

However, StreamCoin’s continued success did not stop after this large-scale listing. It moved on with its roadmap by launching STRMNFT with a zero-fee minting offer for early registrants. 

Afterward, TNC Group opened the sale of its much anticipated Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT collection on STRMNFT. All the available NFTs from this collection were sold out within four hours, totaling 9,000 units. This sale was considered a new record has rarely seen within the NFT atmosphere.

The company did not reveal much about its plans. Instead, it stated that the team is working on adding new features to STRMNFT so all artists, creators, and other users will be able to create and sell their own NFTs.

StreamCoin also announced that starting this August, it will begin burning 50% of the fees accumulated from its services every following month.

To learn more about StreamCoin, users can check its website or follow its social media channels to be up to date with future announcements from the company. 

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