StreamCoin Announces the Launch of a New Utility Token; GaStream (GSTRM)

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StreamCoin (STRM) has recently announced the launch of a utility token named GaStream (GSTRM). GSTRM token, meant to power the entire StreamCoin ecosystem, will be utilized for gas fees and node rewards on the Stream Chain (Mainnet), among other uses.

StreamCoin, recently revealed it would be launching the first airdrop of GaStream (GSTRM).

Investors owning STRM worth $50 or more from the public sale or presale are eligible to claim GaStream (GSTRM). StreamCoin’s public sale, launched on February 1, 2022, is scheduled to conclude on April 30, 2022. Eligible individuals will receive 5 GSTRM per STRM. Individuals can get GSTRM rewards from March 18, 2022, until April 30, 2022. This BEP-20 token was also listed on PancakSwap on the same date, i.e., March 18, 2022. Afterward, the token will eventually be listed on several other exchanges.

The initial total supply of GaStream (GSTRM) is 16,950,000,000. 66.66% of GaStream, from the total, will be allocated to reward the ICO and presale investors, while 33.33% will be for the future rewards for nodes forming, watching adverts on the MeiTalk platform, among many others. Additionally, the company plans on burning all unclaimed GSTRM from the airdrop along with an additional 50% of that burned amount from the future reward allotment.

Yield farming using STRM will gain returns in the form of GSTRM tokens. Eventually, as GSTRM moves from Binance Smart Chain to Stream Chain, users can utilize the STRM token by forming nodes on the Stream Chain 2.0 to earn GSTRM coins in rewards.

Investors and participants interested in earning GSTRM can continue collecting STRM and increasing their collection to become eligible for GSTRM claims. The CEO of StreamCoin plans to reveal more about GaStream (GSTRM), Stream Chain, and the Stream NFT Marketplace during his keynote speech at the two-day conference in Dubai Festival Arena. 

StreamCoin will host a booth at the WLSC conference held in Dubai on March 25 and 26, 2022.For more information and ticket sale, log on to the website

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