Stratis Price Gains 21% Following Undisclosed Announcements

CryptoMode Stratis Price Surge

A lot of cryptocurrencies have started to retrace after significant gains over the weekend and yesterday. Stratis, on the other hand, is going through its own bull run right now, following strong gains in both BTC and USD value. There are also a few unannounced developments waiting to be shared according to community sources.

Stratis Price Surge Gans Momentum

It is quite interesting to see how different cryptocurrency markets see either gains or losses as of right now. One would expect to see a more unified trend, but that is not exactly the case. This is also what makes these markets so exciting to watch. In the case of Stratis, the current market trend looks very promising, assuming there is enough room to sustain this growth over the coming hours.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a notable increase where the Stratis price is concerned. The 20% USD gain could not be sustained without a solid surge in the STRAT/BTC ratio as well. That ratio has grown by 21.5% over the past few hours, which makes this market look extremely bullish first and foremost.

On social media, there is some excitement regarding the upcoming Stratis-related announcements. CEO Chris Trew has confirmed some “releases” will occur around Christmas, yet no one knows exactly what to expect at this point. There is some information on the project’s roadmap, but it is possible something else could be announced at the same time.

Most enthusiasts keep an eye on the Stratis price first and foremost. Crypto Curb is keeping a close eye on this altcoin, even though the user also has a lot of WAVES. Both currencies go through a similar bull run right now, albeit it remains to be seen which market will fall through first. So far, both trends are sustained with ease, which is always interesting to keep an eye on.

A lot of people are drawing parallels between Waves and Stratis right now, which is only to be expected, The Waves uptrend is a lot steeper than Stratis, which would make it interesting for those who missed out on the former to explore the latter. After all, the time for profits is now, regardless of which markets are involved.

It is always interesting to see how long a solid uptrend can be sustained in the cryptocurrency world. Throughout 2018, numerous attempts have come and gone without too much success. Today’s run is also showing signs of weakness for some currencies, whereas others are only waking up right now. A very peculiar development, albeit one that will suit traders just fine, for obvious reasons.

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