Stratis Price Gains 17% as $1.5 is a Likely Target

CryptoMode Stratis Price Surge

Now that most of today’s negative crypto market sentiment has subsided once again, the time has come to look out for potential profits. Stratis is checking a lot of the right boxes in this regard, as this altcoin is going through a massive bull surge right now. As such, it can quickly become a favorite among altcoin traders today.

Stratis Price Gains are Surreal

There are quite a few things which work in favor of Stratis right now. While often a somewhat overlooked altcoin project, Stratis still has a lot of potential for the future. Now that the developers are also hitting major roadmap milestones, it is only normal the price responds in kind. How high the price per STRAT will go in the end, is a different matter altogether.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a rather interesting Stratis price development. Very solid gains can be noted across the board today, as the value has surpassed the $1.4 mark once again. This represents a net 16.5% increase, which is quite spectacular. Additionally, the STRAT/BTC ratio has also improved by 15.6%, which further confirms this uptrend may remain in place for some time to come.

Judging by the sentiment on social media, this Stratis price increase is only the beginning of what may yet come. AltcoinOracle is looking at various technical indicators which are all coming up in favor of this altcoin right now. Even so, crypto markets usually do not follow common sense in the slightest, thus it wouldn’t have been a complete surprise if the opposite trend had materialized today.

Another price chart is shared by Raymond, which confirms Stratis is in a very bullish trend right now. That chart, while compared to Bitcoin, seems to indicate the level achieved earlier this week will be overshot in the process. That is something to look forward to as all altcoins need to rally in BTC value to further solidify their position on the market.

Kaizen is another one of those people who want to see the Stratis price move up in the coming hours and days. That will only happen if this trend can be formalized in some way, rather than turning into a proverbial flash in the pan. It appears the bearish pressure has relented, for now, but one never knows how these markets evolve.

As the current gains remain in place, there is a chance the Stratis price can hit $1.5 before the weekend is over. Turning that level into a stable support zone, is a different matter altogether. There isn’t too much trading volume to go around during the weekend, which can easily nip any altcoin uptrend in the bud at an early stage.

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