STO Market Cap Surpasses $600 Million Following Monster TZROP Gains

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Security tokens are attracting a lot of new attention lately. The total STO market cap has now surpassed $600 million, with future gains very likely.  More importantly, the overall trading volume is on the rise in a significant manner. 

Ongoing STO Market Gains

It is evident that investors are smitten by security tokens as of late. Not entirely surprising, as most traditional investment options aren’t performing all that well. Stocks, treasuries, and bonds are, in their current form, best left ignored altogether.  The chances of noting a return – let alone a profit – are very slim, right now.

As a result, the overall STO market has seen an influx of fresh investment capital. Existing projects continue to note very strong growth, and new projects are successful in their own regard. Overstock’s OSTKO and tZERO’s TZROP continue to dominate the landscape. This applies as much to their individual market cap as their trading volume. 

The combined marketcap of OSTKO and TZROP sits at over $564 million. Comparing this to the total STO market cap of $610 million, things are shaping up rather nicely. The third token on the list, Blockchain Capital’s BCAP,  has a market cap of $20.3 million. A respectable figure, all things considered, but there is clearly a gap to overcome. 

Bullish TZROP Momentum

While all of the statistics are bullish, the TZROP price chart clearly stands out. Looking at the past few weeks, the price has simply exploded. An increase from $1.11 per TZROP to $8.36 in a matter of weeks is incredibly impressive. These gains are almost synonymous with the ones found in the cryptocurrency world. 

CryptoMode TZROP STO

Combined with the price increase, TZROP also notes heavy trading volume. This is an interesting aspect of the STO market. A rising price, and rising volume, would often cancel each other out in the cryptocurrency space.

Where STOs are concerned, things are a bit different. It is not uncommon for TZROP to surpass a daily trading volume of $700,000 lately. In some cases, it has even hit over $1.15 million per day. 

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