STEPN (GMT) and (FET) Are Surging, But Uwerx (WERX) is Pumping Even Better: Coin Price Prediction


Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, the goal is to look for crypto assets with optimistic price predictions to buy. For example, STEPN (GMT) and (FET) are cryptocurrencies currently surging despite the price declines in the crypto market. These two tokens undoubtedly provide value, but many investors need more.

Uwerx promises to be more! Uwerx is an upcoming freelancing platform, and it’s been making waves through its ongoing presale. The token has many features, and experts have predicted that Uwerx will have an amazing future surpassing (FET). Here’s an analysis of these three cryptos.

STEPN (GMT): Building a New Frontier with Move-to-Earn

STEPN (GMT) fuses the delights of the Web3 world with gaming and fitness. The Solana-based initiative uses a move-to-earn protocol to let users earn tokenized prizes for exercising and beating fitness challenges.

STEPN (GMT) has seen a steady rise lately. With a 24-hour trading volume of $152,545,524, the current live price of STEPN (GMT) is $0.36. Investors keep adding STEPN (GMT) to their portfolio as the project’s recent surges boosts traders hopes, and experts have predicted that if it keeps moving at this pace, it’ll reach a minimum of $0.40 before Q4 and more. (FET): Where Blockchain Meets Artificial Intelligence (FET) aims to develop into an entirely open and permissionless network. (FET) employs AI to build a decentralized system that uses machine learning to carry out operations on the blockchain.

Based on the most recent analysis, (FET) price is expected to increase by 8.69% as the project aims to leverage the emerging AI ecosystem into blockchain technology, giving traders bullish signs of investment. The current price of (FET) is $0.417645. So, this forecast is plausible.

However, if you need a project that promises more price increases than (FET), Uwerx is your best option. Due to its real-world applications and genuine propositions, Uwerx will likely accumulate a 6,000% increase to surpass (FET) in Q4 2023.

Uwerx (WERX): Expanding the World of Freelancing

The freelancing industry is about to experience a big revolution. Uwerx is an upcoming platform that intends to fuse the benefits of blockchain technology into freelancing. The freelancing industry has suffered several drawbacks over time, and an end is about to come to these issues with Uwerx as the solution.

The project has undergone a series of audits by reputable firms, InterFi Network and Solidproof, making it secure and safe. Uwerx will also put its native token, WERX, on a liquidity lock for 25 years, starting when the presale is complete. The projects’ contract ownership will be renounced to gain investors’ trust, as it clears doubts of rug pull.

How is Uwerx (WERX) a Better Freelancing Platform?

Upwork, Fiverr, and, amongst others, have had a good run for decades after generating millions of revenue without providing real value. One of the first things Uwerx plans to eliminate is the need for a third-party or escrow service. Rather than 20%, Uwerx will charge a 1% transaction fee.

Another amazing benefit of blockchain technology, which Uwerx will be based on, is the provision of top-notch IP protection rights using the Proof-of-Work mechanism. Previously freelancers have had to worry about their work being lost or stolen, but Uwerx will bring an end to this.

Also, Uwerx will provide tools that’ll be easy to use for freelancers to connect to their potential clients. These benefits and many more will be available on Uwerx. All you have to do is join the ongoing presale. Each token is selling for $0.0225 in the first phase.

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